Station Library, Dikimevi was put into service in ANKARAY

Station Kutuphane Dikimevi was put into service in ANKARAY
Station Library opened in Dikimevi ANKARAY

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its projects to increase the habit of reading books in Başkent. EGO General Directorate opened the second themed library at Dikimevi ANKARAY Station, after Kızılay Metro Station, in order for citizens who use rail systems to evaluate their travels by reading books. While the area, which has been idle for 26 years, has been converted into a library, Başkent residents will be able to benefit from free book service.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement new projects in order to increase reading habits in the Capital.

EGO General Directorate opened the second themed library after Kızılay Metro Station at ANKARAY Dikimevi Station, where the student density is high, with the slogan of “Take, Read, Leave”.


The area at ANKARAY Dikimevi Metro Station, which has been idle for 26 years, has been redesigned and turned into a modern library.

The library, which was opened under the name "ANKARAY Book Station", will serve between 08.00-17.00 on weekdays. While study desks are also placed in the library with a capacity of 5 thousand books, which includes course and story books, novels, encyclopedias and magazines, Başkent residents will be able to get free books by registering with their TR ID number and telephone number.

Citizens also showed great interest in the opening of ANKARAY Book Station, attended by EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Serdar Yeşilyurt, Head of Health Affairs Department Seyfettin Aslan, Metro Support Services Branch Manager Zeliha Kaya and Architect Esra Altan. Saying that their aim is to encourage citizens traveling on rail systems to read books, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş made the following assessments:

“When we started the mini-libraries project at our Rail Stations, our aim was to encourage our citizens to read in our country, where the rate of reading is low, and to at least allow them to read books on their subway journeys. We wanted to ensure that our citizens have a more pleasant and productive time on their journeys, which they will take at 1-2 stops or longer distances, by providing an environment that they can easily and immediately access as if they were buying a book from their home library. We received good returns from our first mini-library, and with the encouragement of these returns, we are taking firm steps towards creating new libraries.”


Citizens of Başkent will be able to apply for a new book by returning the books they bought from the library after a one-month reading period.

While the project will support citizens' easy access to books, it will also contribute to more efficient use of travel time on rail systems. At ANKARAY Book Station, all citizens from 7 to 70 will have free access to books suitable for their age. The themed library will also be open to students who want to study in a quiet and peaceful environment.


EGO General Directorate; It also started a book donation campaign for ANKARAY Book Station and EGO Metro Book Station.

In the libraries where the publications of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality are also included, the books donated by the citizens will also be accepted. After the donated books are examined, the computer records will be taken and the institution stamp will be printed and made available to the readers.

Stating that they aim to spread the donation of books, Alkaş said, “If our citizens wish, they can donate books suitable for all age groups to our library. Of course, the books to be included here will be meticulously examined and shared with our citizens. In memory of today, I would like to give a few books to the library as a gift," he said.

Serdar Yeşilyurt, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department, also expressed his thoughts about the new project, “This area we opened in Dikimevi was completely closed with walls. It has been a closed environment for 26 years and we found it by chance and used it as a library. It was nice work. We have nearly 5 books in our library. Our library at the Kızılay Metro Station, which we opened for the first time last year, has read 3 of our books.” The people of Başkent, who examined the books, also thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the service rendered with the following words:

Tugrul Senyucel: “I visited the library and liked it very much, I am sure it will be useful.”

Koksal Ocal: “I really liked the library, it was perfect. There are many bookstores in Ankara, but it is very nice to open a book station, especially in the subway. As someone who reads books, I am also thinking of donating a book here.”

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