Opel's B-SUV Model Mokka is 1 Year Old

Opelin B SUV Model Is Mokka Age
Opel's B-SUV Model Mokka is 1 Year Old

Opel's B-SUV model Mokka, which changed the norms in its class, left behind a successful year. Mokka, which has been on the market for one year in our country, distinguished itself positively from its competitors with its timeless bold design, innovative technologies and rich driving support systems, and reached the sale of 1 thousand units in Turkey within a year. Mokka, which still maintains its place in the top 1 in its own segment, continues to progress rapidly and confidently towards its annual target by achieving successful sales figures in the first 5 months of 5.

Bringing superior German engineering together with the most contemporary designs, Opel introduced its first model, Mokka, in which the current design language was fully implemented, to the Turkish market last year. The Mokka, which has a special place in representing many firsts for the Opel brand, draws attention as one of the first models to have the Opel Visor and a fully digital Pure Panel cockpit. In Mokka, which allows rich personalization options for drivers; It offers 6 different color options, a double color roof and a black hood option for the first time in Turkey. In Elegance equipment, optional double color roof (black, white and red) can be selected; The 'Bold Pack', that is, the black hood option in Ultimate equipment continues to add a completely different atmosphere to Mokka.

Mokka, which distinguishes itself positively from its competitors with all these innovations it brought to its segment, reached 1 thousand sales in 5 year in Turkey. Maintaining its place in the top 5 in its segment, Mokka continues to establish a throne in the hearts of automobile lovers by achieving successful sales figures in the first 2022 months of 6. Mokka, which is the focus of attention of consumers who are looking for a gasoline model with automatic transmission in the B-SUV segment, has become the choice of one out of every 10 customers who buy a vehicle in this class and is among the top 3 models in its segment. However, in the first 2022 months of 6, approximately 15% of those who preferred the Opel brand purchased the Mokka model.

Opel Mokka advances to its goals without slowing down

Opel Turkey General Manager Alpagut Girgin made a statement for the 1st anniversary of the Mokka being put on sale in our country, and said: “The Mokka, as a car with dimensions that can meet all the needs of the urban population, compact enough to be a part of daily life, and embodying the comfort elements, appeals to the Turkish consumers. kazanwas. We can clearly see this situation in the sales figures. In the B-SUV segment, Mokka managed to be the choice of one out of every 10 people among the gasoline automatic versions, which is one of the most preferred combinations in our country. In our country, we brought together 1 thousand Mokkas with automobile enthusiasts in a year. Opel Mokka is advancing towards its targets without slowing down and we are extremely pleased with its 5 sales performance. We are happy to realize our sales target in Opel Mokka in the first 2022 months of 2022. In the next period, with the fully electric Mokka-e, which we will put on sale in Turkey, I think we will both offer more options to users and increase our sales figures much higher. At the end of the year, as Opel Turkey, we aim for Mokka to maintain its position among the top 6 in its segment and become the leader.”

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