A Journey of Hope Lasting Centuries

A Journey of Hope for Centuries
A Journey of Hope Lasting Centuries

Selahattin Köksal, who has been working as a mechanical engineer and product manager in a foreign trade company for years, presented his first book, Throne, published by Nemesis book, to the readers.

Selahattin Köksal stated that he wrote the Throne with an immersive fiction that combines real world and futuristic action themes, and that the book is available for sale at D&R, select bookstores and online.

He stated that he had a passion for writing from an early age and that after graduating from university, he reinforced this passion with stories, essays, blogs and research articles.


Stating that his book is a journey of hope spanning years, Köksal gave the following information regarding the content of his book: “My book has a style in which everyone can find something for themselves, not just for science fiction lovers. I sincerely wanted to make my readers experience many positive and negative emotions such as the impact of a man who traveled to America in 1970 on the next generations, his grandson's illness in 2013, the father's sense of helplessness, and the negative effects of the war. On the other hand, the book also has a futuristic side. The book also includes a separate story that took place in the 3230s. Although they may seem unrelated from the beginning, these two stories merge over time. It tells us that between the past and the future, hope and love are stronger than time. We witness how the power of hope and love can keep people alive in the darkest moments. We remember once again that people actually have similar feelings in the past and in the future, and that they should never lose hope.”


Noting that Throne is the first book in the world to have its own NFT collection, Selahattin Köksal said: “We offered the illustrations of the characters in the book as NFT. With these NFTs, where there are different alternatives of the characters, I tried to create a visual image as well as to establish a connection between the reader and the work. I would also like to meet with those who bought NFT at digital signing days and interviews. Writing is my passion; Currently, the preparations for my second book are continuing. I am excited to meet my readers with my different works”

Günceleme: 03/06/2022 15:45

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