What is a Contract Private, What Does He Do, How to Become? Contract Private Salary 2022

What is a Contract Private Person What Does He Do How to Become Contract Private Salary
What is a Contracted Private, What Does He Do, How to Become Contracted Private Salary 2022

The soldiers who perform the duties of the privates who are obliged to do their national service for a certain fee are called contracted soldiers. Also called mercenary or professional soldier. Contract privates are also involved in operational duties. However, in recent years, privates who have been performing their normal military service obligations do not take part in terrorist operations. However, contracted privates, who are professional soldiers, participate in terrorist operations.

What Does a Contract Private Do, What Are His Duties?

First of all, individuals should be able to obtain detailed information about what the contracted privates do and what it is. This occupational group mostly does the same occupations that soldiers do. In order to be a member of this profession, first of all, the necessary conditions must be fulfilled. After all, since the military is a very difficult profession, individuals should take this situation into consideration. In addition, the individuals who make this profession are individuals who are self-sacrificing in the defense of the country.

How to Become a Contracted Private?

What is a Contract Private? Contracted Private Salary 2022 Conditions for becoming a Contracted Private are as follows;

  • Must be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  • It must be male.
  • Must be at least primary school graduate.
  • For those who have done their military service, they must not have completed the age of 25. For those who have not done their military service, they must have passed the age of 20 and must not have completed the age of 25. Age reduction or enlargement made by court decision is not taken into account in the application. If age correction is made, the age before the correction is taken into account.
  • He must not have been expelled from the Turkish Armed Forces or military schools for any reason.
  • He must not have worked in the Turkish Armed Forces before as an officer, non-commissioned officer, specialist gendarmerie, specialist sergeant, contracted sergeant and contracted private.
  • Must not have been imprisoned for 1 month or more for any offense other than negligent offenses.
  • The structure, formation, organization and terrorist organizations that pose a threat to the security of the state should not be connected.
  • For those who apply while doing their military service, they must have received a Contracted Private Qualification Certificate from the Unit Command.
  • While doing his military service, he must not have been enlisted with the report that he is not suitable for military service.
  • It must be within the standards specified in the contracted soldier's height and weight table.
  • It should not have any service or obligation to any institution or organization due to education.
  • He must not have committed an infamous crime even if it was postponed, commuted to a fine, pardoned, and the announcement of the verdict was postponed.

In addition, persons who start their careers as contracted privates sign a contract that their term of office should not be less than 3 years and should not exceed 4 years.

Contract Private Salary 2022

Contracted Private Salary Increases in 2022 increased from 5.400 TL to 6.800 TL in the province.

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