Acknowledgment Award to UPS from the Laughter Heals Association

Acknowledgment Award from the Association of Laughter Heals to UPS
Acknowledgment Award to UPS from the Laughter Heals Association

UPS Turkey continues its social responsibility projects that aim to contribute to social benefit. UPS Turkey, which considers supporting the development of public health among its corporate responsibility and priorities, finally became the logistics sponsor of the association, together with the Laughing Heals Association, to make more children smile.

This work, which was realized as a result of UPS Turkey's vision of creating added value for individuals and society, was recognized as worthy of appreciation at the International Istanbul Awards yesterday for its contribution to children and their families who need to laugh but cannot receive support due to serious illnesses and traumas.

Making a statement after the award ceremony, UPS Turkey Country Marketing Manager Irmak Orman stated that taking part in activities for the benefit of the environment and society is among UPS's priorities. Orman underlined that, with the UPS Foundation, which was established in 1951, they support organizations that operate non-profitably in many fields from health to education, from environment to public safety.

Orman continued his words as follows: “As UPS Turkey, we are very happy with the good results we have achieved thanks to our activities both throughout the year and in Global Volunteering Month, and with the projects we have realized for the benefit of the society and the environment, both with our organization and our volunteers. As UPS, we have been involved in many projects and activities, together with associations, to enable young people and women to find more place in business life. Finally, we wanted to be with children who need psychosocial support due to serious illnesses and traumas, together with the Association of Laughing Heals. This award we received tonight will inspire us even more as a response to our desire to add value to society.”

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