Items Forgotten In Public Transport Vehicles Belonging To EGO Are Offered For Sale

Items Forgotten in Public Transport Vehicles Belonging to EGO Are Offered for Sale
Items Forgotten In Public Transport Vehicles Belonging To EGO Are Offered For Sale

EGO General Directorate offered 2 forgotten items on ANKARAY and Metro as well as EGO buses, with the auction method. Citizens showed great interest in the sale of goods, including many technological devices such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras, whose owner cannot be found and whose legal waiting period has expired. Auction; ABB TV, Youtube It was broadcast live on the channel and the social media accounts of the Metropolitan Municipality.

In 2018, 2019 and 2020, EGO General Directorate offered items that were forgotten on ANKARAY and Metro wagons and EGO buses, especially at stations, but whose owners could not be reached, by auction method.

In line with the principle of transparency, EGO General Directorate carried out the public sale of goods, including many technological devices, whose legal waiting period has expired.

Lost items found their new owners

In the auction organized under the coordination of EGO Bus Operations Department and EGO Support Services Department; A total of 1 items, from mobile phones to clothes, which were kept in the Lost and Found Service for about a year and whose owner could not be reached, were put up for sale.

ABB TV, Youtube There were also contentious moments in the auction, which was broadcast live from the social media accounts of the Canal and the Metropolitan Municipality. Bülent Kılıç, Head of Support Services Department of EGO General Directorate, gave the following information about the auction, which attracted great interest from the citizens:

“We sell our belongings that are forgotten in our subway, ANKARAY and municipal buses and whose owner cannot be reached. After we received the documents of the items we registered in our own warehouse, we put them up for sale here in accordance with the Lost Property Regulation. Due to the pandemic, we sold our lost and found items that could not be done for 3 years. There is more interest than we anticipated. We have over 2 products and sales have been very good. We wish good luck to all our citizens.”

If the owners do not appear within 1 year, items included in the sale list and offered for public sale include "underwear, trousers, dresses, coats, tracksuits, sweaters, t-shirts, shoes, boots, belts, umbrellas, books, reeds, glasses, laptop computers, pockets. phone, drill, jigsaw, radio, flute, camera, camera stand, razor, pocket knife, tv remote, handcuffs, calculator, wrist watch, camera and jewelry.

The income obtained is recorded as revenue to the EGO General Directorate.

The list of items that cannot be reached from the items delivered to the Lost and Found Service by the on-duty drivers and dispatchers is periodically published by the EGO General Directorate every month. While it is published on the website titled, the income obtained after the sale is recorded as income to the institution.

Citizens who participated in the auction held at the EGO General Directorate Service Building thanked the Metropolitan Municipality with the following words:

Mehmet Fatih Dogan: “We liked it a lot. We are here for the first time. It's great that it's done transparently, thank you.”

Nihat Yalcindere: “We came to look at electronic devices. If we find something suitable, we will take it.”

Osman Seme: “We came with my father. It was a nice service, we liked it.”

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