Famous Rapper Killa Hakan is in Intensive Care! Why is Killa Hakan in Intensive Care? Who is Killa Hakan?

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Famous Rapper Killa Hakan is in Intensive Care! Why is Killa Hakan in Intensive Care? Who is Killa Hakan?

📩 05/06/2022 11:22

Bad news came from the famous rapper Killa Hakan. It was announced that rapper Hakan Durmus, known as Killa Hakan, was treated in the intensive care unit. It was learned that the singer's immune system collapsed after contracting the coronavirus.

Scary news came from Killa Hakan, one of the popular names in the Turkish rap world. It turned out that the 49-year-old singer living in Germany was being treated at the hospital.

Rapper Massaka explained the latest situation of his colleague Killa Hakan with these words: “Hi guys. Killa Hakan's health is not good at all. He is fighting for life and death in intensive care. Please keep your prayers."

Who is Killa Hakan?

Killa Hakan, real name Hakan Durmus (born March 3, 1973, Berlin, Germany), is a Turkish rap musician and songwriter.

Born on March 3, 1973, Hakan Durmuş, also known as Killa Hakan's family, immigrated from Trabzon to Germany as workers in the 1960s, originally from Tokat. His father, Ali Rıza Durmuş, is a wrestler. He has been very successful in the A National Team and has medals. Killa Hakan was born, raised and studied in Kreuzberg, Germany. Living a ghetto life, Hakan met the streets at an early age and went to prison at a young age. He constantly wrote lyrics during his prison years.

His first imprisonment, the German police sentenced Hakan at a young age only because of his anti-Turkish attitudes and went to prison. With this incident, Killa Hakan entered the prison for the first time. Finally, she spent 4 months in prison for calling a police racist (Nazi). She made rap in Turkish instead of making rap music with Foreign Words in Germany and proved herself to Europe over time. Also, Killa Hakan is engaged in very social affairs in today's Germany.

It aimed to sell Turkish rap albums in Europe and to introduce the Turkish language to Europe. Killa Hakan teaches her students to hold on to life with rap music by giving workshops in Germany. Lastly, Killa Hakan, who broke new ground again, broke all the unbroken chains by staying on the Top 15 list for 10 weeks on the MTV Germany channel. The number "36", which he constantly sings in his songs; is the zip code number of Kreuzberg City, where he was born and raised. Killa Hakan is also one of the oldest members of the 36 Boys Gang.

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