Last Minute: Russia and Ukraine Second Round Negotiation Postponed to Tomorrow!

russia ukraine negotiation
russia ukraine negotiation

The second round of negotiations, which was expected to be held this evening between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations, has been postponed until tomorrow. Russia reported that negotiations with Ukraine will be held in the morning on March 3 in Brest, on the border with Belarus. The Presidential Advisor of Ukraine stated that the date for the second round of talks between Ukraine and Russia on the Belarusian border has not been determined and that a "significant agenda" is needed for this. In the statement made by the Kremlin, “We are ready for negotiations. It is not yet clear whether the Ukrainian delegation will participate. The Russian side announced that the meeting will take place tomorrow in the city of Brest, on the border with Belarus.

Heading the Russian delegation, Russian President Vladimir Putin's Adviser Vladimir Medinskiy made a statement to reporters in the Belovejsk Forest region of Brest, the border city of Belarus with Ukraine and Poland. Stating that they reached the place where the negotiations were held as agreed with the Ukrainian delegation, Medinskiy reminded that they had negotiated in the previous round and presented Russia's proposals for the ceasefire as soon as possible.

Stating that they reached mutual understanding with Ukraine on some proposals at the table, Medinskiy said, “However, some, the most basic ones, were quite expected. The Ukrainian side asked for time to think and consult with Kyiv.” used the phrase.

Stating that the Ukrainian delegation left Kiev and they are already on their way, Medinskiy said, “We have arrived beforehand. I think they'll be here tomorrow morning, as agreed." said.

Medinskiy said that the Russian side understands the transportation problem of the Ukrainian side, that the Belarusian special forces provide all security on the Belarusian side. Noting that the Russian military units also provided a security corridor for the delegation to move in Ukraine, Medinskiy reiterated that they are waiting for the delegation tomorrow.

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