You Can Object to High Site Fees

You Can Object to High Site Fees
You Can Object to High Site Fees

With the new year, the site fees have also increased. The hikes in some estates exceeded 80 percent, causing homeowners to revolt.

TÜGEM President Hakan Akdoğan pointed out that the budgets allocated for social activities that were not utilized during the pandemic were not used, and therefore some sites may have a budget surplus and suggested that the homeowners pay attention to the inspection reports.

The hikes triggered

Hakan Akdoğan, President of the All Entrepreneurial Real Estate Consultants Association (TÜGEM), who gave information about the operation of the sites, said, "According to the Property Ownership Law, the flat owners' board is appointed at the times indicated in the management plan, not less than once a year, if such a time is not indicated, at the beginning of each calendar year. collected in the month. In collective structures, the boards convene at the times indicated in the management plans, not less than once every two years, and if such a time is not indicated, within the first month of the second calendar year.

For this reason, Akdoğan stated that they are in a period of intense site and apartment management meetings and said, “There are high increases in dues, especially due to the cost increases of the employees. Electricity, water and even natural gas expenses in common areas also triggered cost increases.

You can become a creditor

Another point Akdoğan draws attention to is that some site administrations do not spend their budgets for social activities that were not utilized during the pandemic period. On the subject, Akdoğan said, “In fact, some sites should have had budget surpluses. In this regard, audit reports and the release process are important. In order to determine the dues, a business project should be made. This project should also be accepted by the flat owners' board," he said.

There is a gap from site to site

Despite receiving the same services, there are large gaps from site to site. This situation bothers many homeowners. Noting that there are many factors that determine the fee, Akdoğan said, “Especially the horizontal or vertical architecture of the sites, the area, the district, the number and size of the flats, whether the building is old or new, the number of independent sections and the status of social activities. But the owners can always follow these costs by attending their general assembly. They can appeal. In fact, upon the request of the manager or inspector or one third of the floor owners, the floor owners' board can meet at any time, provided that the reason is stated.

No right not to pay

Regarding the tenant's right not to pay the dues, stating that he did not benefit from facilities such as pool, parking, and gym, Akdoğan said: cannot avoid paying his share.”

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