Favorite Natural Beauty in Tooth

Favorite Natural Beauty in Tooth
Favorite Natural Beauty in Tooth

Instead of white, assertive dental designs, dental applications that emphasize natural beauty along with health are now preferred.

DentaLuna Clinic Owner Dentist Arzu Yalnız gives information about the most popular applications in oral and dental health, “Our age is the age of aesthetics. In both digital, social media and everyday life, people sought perfection. I see this as the 'Search for Self Perfection Period'. But in 2022 this will change a little more. This year, studies carried out by keeping health in the foreground will be at the forefront, rather than making radical changes in teeth by looking for health.”

Exaggerated whiteness is not desired

Noting that the 'Hollywood smile' was especially preferred in the previous years, Solo said, “Before, the smile designs that were preferred by the stars were being made. Much whiter, ambitious work was requested. However, now that this whiteness is taken for granted, aesthetics that provide a natural appearance are preferred.”

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