Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Supports Women Farmers Producing

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Supports Women Farmers Producing
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Supports Women Farmers Producing

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality provided many rural development supports, from vegetable seedlings to various types of cereal seeds, to more than 2021 thousand farmers in 33 in order to encourage and increase domestic production in the capital and to revive the city's economy. The number of women farmers benefiting from these supports started to increase in Ankara.

While the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality maintains its 'women-friendly' practices, it also contributes economically to local women farmers, ensuring that they do not break away from production.

In 2021, the Rural Services Department provided vegetable seedlings, lentil seeds, chickpea seeds, fodder seeds, wheat germ and barley seeds to more than 33 thousand farmers, including women.


Last year, 5 thousand 433 farmers benefited from the vegetable seedling support, 675 from the lentil seed support, 5 thousand 945 from the chickpea seed support, 3 thousand 58 from the forage plant seed support, 11 thousand 586 from the wheat seed support and 6 from the barley seed support.

The Rural Services Department, which will continue to support domestic producers in 2022, has started to receive applications for corn silage support to female producers engaged in animal husbandry.


While the number of women farmers benefiting from the agricultural supports of the Metropolitan Municipality in the capital is increasing day by day, women producers living in Elmadağ and Polatlı districts emphasized that vegetable seedlings and seed supports contribute greatly to their economy and spoke as follows:

Nobility of Love: “We saved a lot. We received service that we have never received before. We haven't seen them for 20-25 years. God bless our president. Thank God we bought chickpeas and barley. We bought crops and we saved a lot of them. This year, silage will be given, and we will give it to our animals. We saw what we did not see.”

Wish Nobility: “We bought chickpeas and barley seeds. Thanks, it was very helpful. We are happy. This is how the peasant grows. There was no such support before. We are very happy with our president. We saw this help with Mansur Yavaş, which did not exist before. We also benefited from the support of tomato and pepper seedlings. If the support had been like this until now, the peasants would have developed and would not have migrated.”

Sevda Young: “These are very good supports for the farmer. If these supports were available before, the farmer would not be in this situation now. We cannot get efficiency due to debts and costs. Thanks to these supports such as wheat, barley, chickpea and seedling aid, farming is also increasing. We would like to thank Mansur Yavaş. It gives great support to the farmer.”

Nermin Odabasi: “We couldn't pay our debts. If Mansur Bey had not provided these supports, we would not have been able to plant again. Thank you very much and we wish you more. Crop, barley, chickpea yielded a lot, we liked it very much. We saved a lot. We spent the money we would give to seeds for the education of our children, we spent it for our house. The money we give to barley and wheat is left to our own needs.”

Sultan Yasar: “Thank you very much for the support. Without Mansur Bey, most farmers would not have been able to plant. He gave these seeds, we planted them or our fields would be empty. It was very efficient. We planted these fields with the seeds he gave with the support of a grant. I have been farming with my wife for 30 years. We have never seen such support before. We have been seeing their support since Mansur Bey arrived.”

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