Robotic Brains Laboratory Inaugurated

Robotic Brains Laboratory Inaugurated
Robotic Brains Laboratory Inaugurated

The robotic coding laboratory, which was established in Arpacay Public Education Center with the support of Serhat Development Agency (SERKA), was opened with a ceremony by Kars Governor Türker Öksüz, Chairman of the SERKA Board of Directors.

The opening of the robotic coding training laboratory, which was established within the scope of the “Robotic Brains in Arpacay” project, implemented with the support of SERKA, was held with a ceremony. SERKA Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kars Governor Türker Öksüz, Arpacay District Governor Mustafa Uğur Özerden, Provincial National Education Director Aydın Acay, SERKA Acting Secretary General Nurullah Karaca, Arpacay Mayor Erçetin Altay and representatives of some institutions and organizations attended. District Public Education Manager Öner Turgut, who made a presentation about the project, gave information about the aim, objectives of the project and the robotic coding laboratory. Turgut stated that they gave trainers training to 21 teachers working in the district and said that the teachers who received the training would give robotic coding training to 200 students in the first stage. SERKA Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kars Governor Türker Öksüz, who later inaugurated the laboratory, stated that Turkey has become a country that produces its own technology rather than imports technology from outside, and said that these trainings should be given at lower levels as well. A period of time with teachers who received training on trainers. sohbet Governor Öksüz then watched the demonstration of the robots that the teachers made in the laboratory.

The Robotic Coding Training Laboratory, which was established with the support of SERKA, has a robot tournament table with advanced technology, laptop computers, tablets, 3D printer, robot kit, spare parts kit and projection device. In addition to the academic success of the students who will receive education within the scope of the project, it is aimed to ensure their adaptation to social life and social integration. Providing employment by meeting the need for software intermediary staff, increasing the analytical thinking and problem solving abilities of young people, and making them understand the logic of coding and algorithms are among the important goals of the project.

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