The Future of Health was Discussed in All Details

The future of health was discussed in all details
The future of health was discussed in all details

Turkey's largest health and health technologies conference, The Future Healthcare Istanbul 2021, came to an end after the sessions held at Istanbul Fişekhane Event Center on October 22. The conference, which was held both physically and online in a hybrid format, was attended by 18 thousand people from 22 countries and 14 cities over the internet between 72-26 October.

Stress management is now a must

The last day of the conference, where the leading names of the health sector from Turkey and abroad talked about the future of health, started with a panel titled “Luxury Medical Travel”. Wellbeing Specialist Ebru Şinik, who came to the stage afterwards, gave a speech on stress management. Stating that it is not possible to maintain a holistic healthy life without stress management, Ebru Şinik stated that it has now become a necessity to apply stress management techniques by being alone with ourselves for 20 minutes every day. Emphasizing that controlled nasal breathing based on the science of yoga benefits the body, Şinik made the participants who listened to him do breathing exercises at the end of his speech.

“Those who claim to be environmentalists should not eat meat!”

The "Future of Food" panel, which was followed with interest by the participants, was moderated by Gürkan Boztepe, President of Turkish Gastronomy Tourism Association; It was held with the participation of Producer, Writer, Ethics Vegan Elif Dağdeviren and Hayat Group CEO Erdem İpekçi. Elif Dağdeviren, who spoke in the session focusing on the impact of nutrition models and preferences on climate change and our health, pointed out the harmful gas emission and ethical negative effects of animal food and said, "Those who claim to be environmentalists should not eat meat!" said. Erdem İpekçi, on the other hand, stated that vegetarian and vegan diets have become widespread and said that human physiology is more suitable for consuming vegetables.

22 October was declared as health literacy day.

Bayer, one of the sponsors of Future Healthcare Istanbul 2021, took part in the event with a panel focusing on health literacy. The panel, which started with the opening speeches of Bayer Consumer Health Country Manager Erdem Kumcu and Bayer Consumer Health Marketing Director Pınar Saltat, continued with the presentation of Bayer Consumer Health Business Intelligence Manager Ümit Aktaş. Project Consultants Ecz. Adile Ozdag, Dr. Ayça Kaya and Prof. Dr. Aytuğ Altundağ also shared very valuable information with his speeches. In the speeches made in the panel, the social and individual benefits of health literacy were conveyed in line with the results of a research. It was stated that 4 out of 3 people in Turkey are not aware of their health literacy and they have health problems due to hearsay. At the end of the panel, October 22, when the session was held, was declared as “health literacy day”.

Ways to age without getting old

In the last session of the day titled “Individual Health Management in the Future” moderated by Vahap Munyar, General Coordinator of Dünya Newspaper; Oncologist and Medical Director MD. PhD. Yıldıray Tanriver, Radiologist MD. PhD. Sibel Şahin Bulam, Stem Cell and Genetics Coordinator Dr. Elif İnaç and Nutrition and Dietetics Specialist ND. Dilara Devranoğlu took place as a speaker. Aging in a healthy way was one of the topics discussed in the panel. Emphasizing the importance of antioxidants in order to get old without getting old, it was stated that physical activities also play a key role in balancing blood sugar. It was stated that studies in the fields of stem cells, artificial intelligence and gene therapies will lead to a transformation in the health system within 50 years. It was stated that the concept of nutrition, which means personalized nutrition, will be more in our lives in the coming years.

The Future Healthcare Istanbul International Conference, organized by Tazefikir Group and Future X Events, took the pulse of the health sector between 18-22 October. Deputy Minister of Health Dr. During the week, at the conference where Şuayipİlk made the opening speech; Anadolu Efes Sports Club Head Coach Ergin Ataman, Prof. Dr. Devrim Gözü Açık, Prof. Dr. Murat Bas, Prof. Dr. Sinan Canan, Prof. Dr. Oguz Ozyaral, Assoc. Dr. Halit Yerebakan, Dr. Ender Saraç, Prof.Dr. Elif Damla Arisan, Prof. Dr. Bülent Ertuğrul, Dr.Katarina Bjelke, Prof. Dr. Ersi Kalfoğlu, Dr.Sevgi Salman Unver, Prof. Dr. Turker Kilic, Dr. Michael Marash and Prof. Dr. There were distinguished speakers such as Richard A. Lockshin.

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