6 Billion Lira Rail System Investment Continues on 26 Separate Routes in İzmir

A billion lira rail system investment continues on a separate route in Izmir
A billion lira rail system investment continues on a separate route in Izmir

President at the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board meeting Tunç SoyerHe said that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the municipality that has invested at the highest rate in Turkey, with an investment of 9,9 billion liras in two years. Stating that the construction, tender and project processes of the 6 billion lira rail system investment on 26 separate routes are continuing, Mayor Soyer also listed the works that will make İzmir traffic breathe.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer attended the 103rd meeting of the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board (İEKKK), which was held online. President Soyer made a detailed presentation about the works carried out in the 2,5 years since he took office and the ongoing projects. Soyer said that the first cruise ship will arrive in İzmir on May 5, 3, after 2022 years.

42 percent of the budget is invested in investments

Underlining that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has invested 9,9 billion liras in the last two years, has allocated 2020 percent of its 42 budget to investments, Mayor Soyer said, “Although there is a debt increase of around 14 percent, our investment figure is very high. I would also like to say that we are the Metropolitan Municipality with the highest investment in Turkey.”

“A first in the world”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who also made a statement on transportation, rail system and infrastructure investments at the meeting Tunç Soyer Fahrettin Altay-Narlıdere Metro, which continues with an investment of 2,5 billion liras, gave the following information: “82 percent of the construction has been completed; tunnel excavations are finished. Station production continues. The loan of 50 million Euros, provided by the China-based Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank for the construction of Narlıdere Metro, without any treasury guarantee, was the first infrastructure resource given by the bank to any municipality in the world.

We are starting the construction of Buca Metro as soon as possible

Stating that the 13,5-kilometer-long Buca Metro, which will provide driverless service between Üçyol Station-Dokuz Eylül University-Tınaztepe Campus-Çamlıkule, will be one of the biggest investments in İzmir's history. Tunç Soyer“This project, which we will build with our own resources, is worth 1 billion 70 million Euros. With today's figures, it's around 11 billion. For the Buca Metro, which we will build with our own resources, the total foreign loan we have provided without the treasury guarantee of the Metropolitan has reached 490 million Euros. We went to the construction contract. The tender process continues. The 125 million Euro foreign financing contract we signed with the European and Reconstruction and Development Bank in July will be without treasury guarantee and without principal repayment for 4 years.

“Çiğli Tramway is moving fast”

Informing IEKKK members about Karabağlar-Gaziemir, Otogar-Kemalpaşa Metro lines and Çiğli Tramway investments, President Soyer said:

“The project of Karabağlar Gaziemir Metro line will be completed soon. After the approval of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, we will go to the construction tender. The metro line, which will carry 372 passengers daily, will be built between Halkapınar and Adnan Menderes Airport. It will follow the route of Menderes, Gaziemir, Airport, Fair Izmir, Eskiizmir, Karabağlar, Eşrefpaşa, Gürçeşme, Tepecik, Food Bazaar and Halkapınar. The metro line will connect important business centers such as Sarnıç, ESBAŞ, Fuar İzmir, Kemeraltı and Food Bazaar, as well as dense residential areas. The number of stations is 24. The 28-kilometer-long Otogar-Kemalpaşa Metro consists of 19 stations. It will connect the industrial zones between Kemalpaşa and Bornova. Here, we anticipate that we will serve a daily passenger capacity of 376. The 3.5 kilometer rail production of Çiğli Tram has been completed. Excavation works have been completed on 11 kilometers of the 4.5-kilometer line. We signed a purchase contract for 750 tram vehicles with an investment of 26 million liras. It's a big investment. We will spend a total of 1 billion 250 million liras for the Çiğli Tram, including the vehicles. Our tram line will start to serve at the end of 2022.”

“We are making a 26 billion lira rail system investment”

Stating that they will build a 5 kilometer tram line between Örnekköy and New Girne, President Soyer announced that they have invested in a rail system of 6 billion liras with today's figures, whose construction, project and tender processes continue on 26 separate lines. Soyer said, “We said that we would weave İzmir with iron nets. We maintain this claim. We bought 364 buses at once. Together with the 83 buses we bought before, we have 451 new buses. We had a promise to buy 500 buses. We've done most of this. We are working to buy 100 electric buses,” he said.

“İzmir traffic will be relieved”

Mayor Soyer will breathe life into the city traffic; He also made a statement regarding the Connection Road Project between Buca Onat Street and the Intercity Bus Terminal and the Ring Road, which consists of a 7,1-meter wide 35 arrival, 3 departure, 3 lane divided road and a 6-kilometer double tube deep tunnel on a 2,5-kilometer route. Noting that 1 percent of the viaducts and underpasses, which are in the first stage of the giant investment to be completed with a budget of approximately 90 billion, have been completed, Mayor Soyer stated that the tender process for the tunnel and other stages continues, and when the investment is completed, the transportation from Konak to the Bus Station will decrease from 45 minutes to 10 minutes.

Gave information about waste water treatment plants

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerHe also talked about the work done on treatment plants. Soyer said, “The two important branches of gulf cleaning are storm water separation lines and treatment plants. In addition to 275 advanced biological treatment plants, a total of 23 wastewater treatment plants, which have been built so far and treat 67 million cubic meters of wastewater annually, 3 treatment plants are under construction. The project work of 2 facilities and the tender for the construction of 7 of them are ongoing. We are increasing the capacity of Torbalı Wastewater Treatment Plant with an investment of 122 million liras for a cleaner flow of Küçük Menderes. Moreover, this facility will also treat wastewater from industry, which is the biggest source of pollution in the basin. We are also increasing the capacity of Torbalı Ayrancılar Yazıbaşı Wastewater Treatment Plant, which we know has an impact on the Küçük Menderes River. Karaburun Mordoğan Advanced Biological Treatment plant is 85-90 percent finished. The investment cost is 34 million TL. The production of Kemalpaşa Ulucak Wastewater Treatment Plant continues. This is around 35 million liras," he said.

“It has an important role in cleaning the gulf”

Drawing attention to the importance of rainwater separation lines, Mayor Soyer said: “Storm water and wastewater channels are not separated in İzmir. This has a negative effect on the cleanliness of the Gulf. So far we have separated 75 kilometers. It has 108 kilometers to start construction. At the beginning of 2022, a line separation of 324 kilometers will be made. With a total of 503 kilometers of channel separation, the rain water falling into the Gulf will flow into the Gulf cleanly without mixing with the waste water. And it will not force the capacity of the treatment plants.”

“A period when record asphalt and cobblestones were laid in İzmir”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyeremphasized that the Metropolitan Municipality has so far laid 940 million 3 thousand tons of hot asphalt with an investment of 830 million liras. Stating that 345 million 6 thousand square meters of surface coating was made with an investment of 320 million liras, Soyer said that this is equivalent to a 5 meter wide 264 kilometer road. Soyer said, “With an investment of 207 million liras, 3 million 520 thousand square meters of key cobblestones were produced. We had a period when record asphalt and cobblestones were laid in İzmir. Despite this, there are problems on the production roads or the roads between the neighborhoods. We know all this, but we continue to allocate a significant amount of investment in our budget to this area.”

“An underpass will be built in front of Alsancak Station”

Stating that they did not give up on the underpass project in front of Alsancak Station, which is one of their election promises, the President Tunç Soyer He said: “Due to some geological obstacles we encountered underground, the project construction was revised several times. But the project finally came out. The main problem is to solve the traffic load in the city as soon as you start manufacturing there. It also brought the necessity of opening a new route. There was a delay due to the design of the alternative route, but we will do it. We saw the necessity of doing another project in parallel with that project. Both projects are currently under completion. We are at the point where we will put out the construction tender for both. We will do that project.”

“Izmir Police and the Ministry are also responsible”

President Tunç SoyerHe also made evaluations about city traffic. Reminding that 1 million 900 thousand passengers were transported daily in the city before the pandemic, Soyer said, “There has been a gradual increase. It came towards 200-500-600 thousand. We have just reached 800 million 1 thousand. People still do not turn to public transportation. These people did not leave this city. They continue to live in this city. New people keep coming, but everyone provides transportation with their own private vehicle. The existing problems with the transportation networks in the infrastructure of the city have thus grown much more. We produce many solutions. But security forces also have a responsibility to ease traffic flow in the city. The Ministry of Transport must also have a responsibility to find solutions. This responsibility is not entirely on the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality or district municipalities," he said.

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