Why Can't Staff be Trained in the Automation Sector?

Why can't staff be trained in the automation sector?
Why can't staff be trained in the automation sector?

Kenan Bebek, BM Makina Group General Manager, said that as a company engaged in production in the machinery sector, they have seen and experienced the problems of the sector, but they still focus on their success.

At Industry Radio, Dr. Automation by Hüseyin Halıcı SohbetKenan Bebek, BM Makina Group General Manager, and Şener Abanoz, BM Makina Group Electrical Automation Manager, were guests of the advanced program. Bebek stated that as a company engaged in production in the machinery sector, they focused on the achievements of the sector and examined the increasing graph especially in export activities. Bebek said, “We also produce in the machinery sector. In this sense, we see and experience their difficulties. I focus on the successes of the industry rather than the troubles. The export figures of the machinery sector in the last 10 years continue to increase. I think this will continue to increase. We have a significant concentration in many continents, especially in Africa. I think we can continue to increase the export figures in many markets," he said.


Evaluating the problems experienced in the sector, Bebek stated that the problem of qualified personnel came to the fore. Bebek expressed his views on the subject with the following words: “This problem manifests itself in all manufacturing sectors. We do not seem to be able to provide a solution to this problem in the short term. This is a subject that saddens and frightens me a little… In terms of technology, we are close to world standards. We have very good engineers and friends who work very well in the sector. We accomplish many things that seem impossible. I think the machinery industry can do much better.”


Providing a comprehensive answer to this question, BM Makina Grup Electrical Automation Manager Şener Abanoz said, “I have been working for BM Makina Group for 2 years and I have known the company for 20 years. BM Makine attaches great importance to this issue within its own structure and has important principles. If we have our trainee friends clean the workshop or bring tea, we do not have any complaints about the training of technical staff. I said this sentence from the beginning to the end. We should be in contact with our young people who join our family by using our educator side. We must act without offending them in their mistakes. When they succeed, we must motivate them. To what extent can we do all these behavioral attitudes? In general, we strive for this situation. Our young people can enjoy it when they see the application after taking lessons in technical schools. When PLC can plan and see the results of the data it processes, their interest in the profession can increase. At this point, I think that the technical infrastructure of schools should be improved. I believe that cooperation between educational institutions and industry should be warm.”

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