Drug Operation at Istanbul Airport: 4,3 Tons of Substance Seized

Tons of drugs seized in istanbul airport drug operation
Tons of drugs seized in istanbul airport drug operation

As part of the operation carried out at Istanbul Airport by the customs enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce and ended in the Netherlands, 4,3 tons of precursors used in drug production were seized.

Three of the 4 suspects detained in connection with the seizure of 382 tons of 16 kilograms of chemicals used in drug production at Istanbul Airport by Customs Enforcement teams were arrested.

In the operation carried out by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce at Istanbul Airport, 4,3 tons of intermediate chemicals used in drug production were seized.

The goods weighing 2 tons, 192 kilograms, brought from Hong Kong by air and to be taken in transit to the Netherlands by land via Turkey, were considered risky and analyzed in the Customs Enforcement Criminal Laboratory.

As a result of the analysis, contrary to what was declared, it was determined that the product was one of the intermediate chemicals used in the production of "amphetamine" and "methamphetamine" drugs.

It has also been determined that the substance in question is one of the substances followed by the relevant organs of the United Nations within the framework of international drug control regulations, and the use and trade of which are controlled by the Ministry of Health in national legislation.

Thereupon, in the investigation carried out by the Istanbul Airport Customs Enforcement Narkokim units, it was determined that a second shipment would be made to the same sender and recipient. In the second shipment, the substance weighing 2 tons of 190 kilograms, which came to Turkey, was also taken under control and necessary laboratory analyzes were carried out. A total of 4 tons of 382 kilograms of drugs used in drug production in both shipments were seized.

The operation continued in the Netherlands

In order to identify the buyers of the substance used in the manufacture of drugs in the Netherlands and to reveal their international connections, the General Directorate of Customs Enforcement contacted the Dutch law enforcement units, and an "international controlled delivery" decision was taken.

Within the framework of the controlled delivery practice, the chemical substance was confiscated and the substance was replaced with another item of the same color and weight. The goods loaded into the vehicles were tracked first by Turkish law enforcement units and then by other countries on the route until the destination.

In the operation carried out simultaneously in Turkey and the Dutch city of Uden, large quantities of materials used in drug production were seized.

As part of the operation, 16 people, including the alleged buyer of the substance, were detained. Three of the suspects, who were transferred to the courthouse after the procedures at the police station, were arrested.

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