106th Anniversary of Anafartalar Victory Celebrated

Anniversary of Anafartalar Victory
Anniversary of Anafartalar Victory

The ceremony held in Conkbayırı, located on the historical Gallipoli Peninsula, on the occasion of the 106th anniversary of the Anafartalar Victory, was attended by Çanakkale Governor İlhami Aktaş, 2nd Corps Commander Major General Mustafa Oğuz, Australian Military Attaché Colonel Richard Campbell, Head of Çanakkale Wars and Gallipoli Historical Site. It started with the laying of wreaths on the Atatürk Monument by İsmail Kaşdemir. After a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem, the Turkish flag was hoisted with a shot of respect.

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Ersoy said that every moment of the Anafartalar Victory is a glorious page of the Çanakkale Wars, the epic of courage, fortitude and faith.

Stating that the Dardanelles Wars, which lasted about 9,5 months with the sea and land struggle, had a fateful feature both in the historical process of which it was a part and in the shaping of the 20th century, Minister Ersoy used the following statements:

“It was the cause of serious military and political changes in Europe, the spiritual torch of the War of Independence spread all over the country from here, paving the way for the belief of oppressed peoples all over the world that they could break the colonial chains. Thanks to many heroes such as Hüseyin Avni, Mehmet Şefik, Ezineli Yahya Sergeant and Yusuf Kenan, today the 'Canakkale spirit' has become our common spiritual treasure. They made Çanakkale a symbol of Turkish identity and character, by sacrificing his life in 1915 in Seddülbahir, Kumkale, Arıburnu, Kanlısırt, Anafartalar and Conkbayırı, which we cannot count, or by taking the wounds that he would bear with honor on his chest. As the world turns, it will be remembered and always inspired.”

“As the Truth of a Dedicated Life, He Passed Into World and Turkish History With the Name of Atatürk”

Minister Ersoy emphasized that the victory in Çanakkale not only saved the capital, Istanbul, but also gave birth to commanders and leaders who saved the homeland and founded a state.

Stating that Çanakkale is a peaceful homeland, thanks to the commanders who understand and assimilate the sublime mood of every soldier he commands and orders, and taking decisions accordingly and achieving important victories, Minister Ersoy said:

"Gazi Mustafa Kemal, who showed a great example of fortitude by saying, 'Let the soldier not hear that I was wounded,' even though shrapnel hit his chest, and who, in his own words, was the 'hero of Anafartalar' in Çanakkale, where he served with 'a responsibility heavier than death', said, 'Such a responsibility. Fulfilling is not a simple task. But since I decided not to live after my homeland was destroyed, I took this responsibility on myself with the perfection of perfection. Throughout his life, he took the heaviest responsibilities with the ideal of independence and his love for the homeland, by making the most difficult decisions and always drawing a new future path by interpreting the mood of his nation. by name.”

While realizing the indescribable pride of the Anafartalar Victory and the greatness of Çanakkale on its 106th anniversary, Minister Ersoy expressed that he once again commemorates Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades in arms, Mehmetçik, saint martyrs and veterans with mercy and gratitude.

Minister Ersoy concluded his words as follows: “Anyone who tries to block the path of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish nation, to hinder our progress, to distract us from our goals, at home and abroad, will not be able to go one step further from being defeated and disappointed today and in the future, as always in history. All those who think that they can instill fear, despair and intimidation into our hearts are doomed to delusions in the face of this nation's indomitable will and indomitable character. Every fire that falls on our land will go out in the face of the power of our state and the unity and solidarity of our nation, all the wounds of our citizens will be healed, the ashes on our land will be swept away, leaving its place to green and life again. With these feelings and thoughts, I wish God's mercy, my condolences and patience to all our citizens who died in the forest fires, to all our officials who stood in front of the flames with the determination to fulfill their duties properly and who became martyrs for this cause. I wish our injured a speedy recovery.”

The program was completed with the recitation of the Holy Quran and the prayer of the Provincial Mufti Şükrü Kabukçu.

The ceremony was attended by AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Bülent Turan, Çanakkale Strait and Garrison Commander Rear Admiral Mehmet Cem Okyay, Çanakkale Deputy Mayor Süleyman Canpolat, institution managers, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations and military officials.

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