Istanbul Producer Cooperative Market Reopened

istanbul producer cooperative market reopened
istanbul producer cooperative market reopened

The producer cooperative market, which allows the products grown by the farmers of Istanbul to meet directly with the consumers, has been reopened. According to the data of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, its history Kadıköy There was a high rate of applications to sell to the Tuesday Market. However, 150 producers and 38 cooperatives who were found to be eligible for the application were allowed to make regular sales. The reopening of the market, which was closed due to the pandemic, made the consumer as happy as the producer.

History of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality last year Kadıköy The "Manufacturer Cooperative Market", which was implemented in the Tuesday Market, was reopened after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. There was great interest in the market, which allows the product of the farmer's field to meet with the consumer without any intermediaries. A total of 350 producers in and outside of Istanbul applied for the market, which has not been able to operate since December, but a certain number of producers and cooperatives whose conditions were found suitable were allowed to make regular sales in the market.


With the reopening of the Producer Cooperative Market, which had to take a break from its activities as of December within the scope of COVID-19 measures, the longing of the consumer who wanted to reach fresh and natural fruits and vegetables came to an end. Citizens, who said that the natural scents they missed from the moment they entered the market, welcomed them, stated that they missed the products they carried from the farmer's field to their table during the market closed period.


Historical Kadıköy Producers, who are happy to meet the consumers again with the re-opening of the Tuesday Market, emphasized that they are proud of the products they offer to the public and that they do not use any additives or drugs. The farmers, who said, "We collected it yesterday, brought it to the market today," said that although they had not opened a stall for a long time, the people got used to them and were pleased with the attention.


Date of the first instance Kadıköy A total of 350 producers applied for the Producer Cooperative Market held in the Tuesday Market. 150 producers and 38 cooperatives were allowed to sell on a regular basis in the market where the demand intensity increased, including inside and outside of Istanbul. Participation requests continue for the market where producers residing in Istanbul, producing and registered in the Farmer Registration System, and all producer cooperatives producing and operating agricultural products throughout Turkey can participate.

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