İBB Provides Service with 2021 Lifeguards in 618 Beach Season

ibb provides service with a lifeguard during the beach season
ibb provides service with a lifeguard during the beach season

IMM, in the beach season of 2021, on 58 beaches with a length of 930 thousand 49 meters; It provides service with a total of 24 lifeguard personnel, 618 of which are women. Lifeguards are accompanied by rescue jet-skis, rescue boats, ATV vehicles and drones.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) lifeguards have a wide and comprehensive equipment this year, with 49 jet-skis, four rescue boats, two drones (unmanned aerial vehicles), 18 ATV vehicles. 618 lifeguards also stand guard at 245 watchtowers.

The Public Will Be Informed With Signs

There are informative signs on beach rules and hazards on all 49 beaches. Safe areas to swim in the beaches are surrounded by safety barriers, and people are guided to enter the sea in safe areas.

Daily Holiday at IMM Beaches

İBB undertakes the duty of lifeguard, which it started on May 24, 2021, outside the points where it provides beach service. IMM, which is on watch during the sea season for the confidence of Istanbulites, offers the following one-day vacation:

Menekse Beach: Located next to Küçükçekmece Lake and providing free service, Menekşe Beach has a 630-meter coastline.

Sun Beach: The 840-meter-long Güneş Beach, which is located across Florya Train Station and is a cool holiday corner for Istanbulites in summer, provides service in two parts.

Caddebostan Beaches: Caddebostan Beaches lie on the district coast as 1.000 separate beaches with a total length of 3 meters belonging to the municipality.

Kisirkaya Beach: The beach, where IMM has set up a changing cabin, shower and toilet infrastructure this year, has a 1 kilometer coastline.

Karaburun and Yeniköy Beaches: Karaburun and Yeniköy beaches, which are adjacent to each other, where IMM has established a changing cabin, shower and toilet infrastructure, have approximately 3 kilometers of coastline.

Semizkum Beach: IMM also provides changing cabin, shower and toilet areas to Semizkum Beach in Silivri. kazannagged. Semizkum has a 3 kilometer long beach.

Çatalca Yalıkoy Beach: Yalıköy Beach, which has a 1 kilometer coastline, is another area where a changing cabin, shower and toilet infrastructure has been established for daily visitors.

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