Capital to Reach a Modern Bus Terminal: AŞTİ is Renovated from Top to Bottom

baskent will have a modern bus terminal, asti is being renovated from head to toe
baskent will have a modern bus terminal, asti is being renovated from head to toe

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality gives AŞTİ a more modern and comfortable look kazanIt continues without slowing down its renovation works, which it started on January 27, 2021, in order to Announcing that they have started maintenance, repair and renovation works in AŞTİ through their social media accounts, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said that the capital will get the bus station it deserves.

A more modern and comfortable look to AŞTİ by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality kazanThe renovation works that it started with the aim of

At the Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (AŞTİ), where extensive maintenance, repair and renovation work has been initiated, work is progressing rapidly on a 7/24 basis. Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who informed the residents of AŞTİ on his social media accounts, said, "We continue to work with a human-oriented municipal approach, we are renewing AŞTİ, which has served millions of people for nearly 30 years, and is the witness of our separations and reunions. When the maintenance, repair and renovation works are completed, Başkent will get the bus station it deserves.”

Destination: A bus terminal worthy of the Capital and functional

The project was implemented after the tender for the 'Renovation of the AŞTİ Complex According to the Regulations' tender was made in 2020.

Post-tender renovation works at AŞTİ, which has been serving in the capital for many years and is one of the largest bus terminals in Turkey, started as of January 27, 2021. The teams work hard for the construction of a modern and functional bus terminal worthy of the capital city.

Comfortable service in the renewed AŞTİ

The renewed Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (AŞTİ) is being built with the quality and functionality to meet the needs of the passengers.

Stating that they continue to work on interior and exterior renovation works, İbrahim Ersoy, one of the Architects of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, Construction Department, gave the following information:

“AŞTİ is a busy and active facility in general. Fire escape doors will be installed in order to make the terminal building, which has been serving the citizens for nearly 30 years, comply with the fire legislation. We are renewing the heating-cooling system. As for construction items, we renew plasters and construction textures, especially wall coverings that have been worn for years. While continuing our work without sacrificing quality, we also take the necessary security measures.”

In the mechanical field, the replacement of heating and cooling systems, fire installation and pipes that require repairs inside the building will continue, while lighting and cable replacement, camera tracking systems and equipment will also be renewed one by one at AŞTİ.

Roof type gess to AŞTİ

Floor insulation on roads, incoming passenger floor suspended ceiling, building decking, steam kazanIt is planned to complete the renovation works, which include the conversion of gas plants to natural gas, a disabled elevator and a fire evacuation project, by the end of 2021.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which will also go out to tender for the project works within the scope of the renovation of the bus offices, cafes and kiosks in AŞTİ, will also install a solar energy system on the roof of AŞTİ.

While the roof type solar energy system, which will provide 3/2 of the annual energy consumption, is started, the roof SPP system is aimed to be completed in November 2021 after the tender for the establishment of the system approved by the ministry.

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