EGİAD, Price hikes may hinder the industry

egiad price hikes may hinder industry
egiad price hikes may hinder industry

As of July 1, the Normalization Process has started. The hikes that came with the start of the normalization process deeply affected the business world. EGİAD He stated that the hikes made as a production force that employs 680 members of small, medium and large enterprises, nearly 3.100 companies of its members and approximately 110.000 people, will deeply shake the industry, which is trying to survive despite the pandemic conditions. Commenting on the subject EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, pointed out that a 3,5 percent hike has been made in electricity usage prices in the last 122 years, and said, “Unfortunately, these hikes put a strain on the industry.”

Representing an important production power, 56% of its members are operating in the fields of manufacturing, construction, energy and mining. EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association made an assessment about the latest hikes. Pointing out that businesses are trying to survive despite the pandemic conditions, Yelkenbiçer said, “Support mechanisms for the business world, which has been struggling with many difficulties for a long time, should be operated. Recent hikes and inflation have bent the back of the industrialists. Production has reached the point where it cannot be realized under these difficult conditions. If the business world can produce, the country will be able to get out of this deadlock. Support will pave the way for us, the way to continue production under these conditions is blocked.”

Reminding that those who have a say in the country's administration should reconsider the raise rates in order not to adversely affect the social peace, productivity and work enthusiasm in the country, Yelkenbiçer stated that the hikes in electricity by 15 percent and in natural gas used in industry by 20 percent will constitute an obstacle to production as much as the coronavirus. Yelkenbiçer said, “We want the price hikes to be reviewed in order to continue production.” Reminding that businesses that are currently experiencing economic difficulties due to the effect of the pandemic and the spiral of high interest-inflation-currency, have entered a great impasse with the hikes in energy costs, Yelkenbiçer also drew attention to the fact that the business world's hand has weakened in the fierce competition with world standards, and said: has been struggling with many problems such as high interest rate-currency-inflation spiral, increasing commodity prices around the world, global logistics problems for 1.5 years. As the business world, which continues to produce despite all difficulties and takes responsibility for it, we see the hike in electricity and natural gas prices as a hindrance to production. Turkey's global competitiveness has weakened. Businesses need support to survive. With long-term support, the wheels will fall into place. However, if support is provided and the price hikes can be re-evaluated, global competitiveness will increase,” he said.

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