What is Wi-Fi? When Was Wi-Fi Invented? How Does Wi-Fi Work?

what is wi fi when was wi fi invented how does wi fi work
what is wi fi when was wi fi invented how does wi fi work

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Wi-Fi is a concept that includes different technical details. However, let's first examine what Wi-Fi means by definition.

What is Wi-Fi?

The abbreviation Wi-Fi is derived from the concept of Wireless Fidelity, which means Wireless Hotspot. At the same time as the definition of Wi-Fi, “What is wireless internet?” You can also find the answer to the question. Most of the time, we provide the internet connection, which has been indispensable in our daily lives for a long time, over Wi-Fi. By using Wi-Fi technology, you can provide the internet connection of your devices up to a certain distance, and you can do your necessary transactions over this connection without restricting your freedom of movement. In order to use this technology, the device to be connected to the internet must support Wi-Fi technology. All devices with today's technology support this connection type.

What is Portable Wi-Fi?

With the portable internet service, which is generally a service provided by operators, you can have the opportunity to connect to the internet in any environment. You can connect to the internet in all open or closed places thanks to the portable Wi-Fi that you can operate by plugging it into the device you will connect to the internet. Portable Wi-Fi can be an ideal type of connection for mobile workers and frequent travelers.

What is Wi-Fi Bandwidth?

Bandwidth refers to the available channel capacity in data transmission and the maximum number of frequencies that can be carried on that channel. The greater the bandwidth, the greater the amount of data transferred. Bandwidth is expressed in bits per second. In general, today's network connections can be measured in millions of bits per second.

​What is an Internet Distributor?

Internet distributor or Wi-Fi distributor, also called access point; It is the name given to the device that enables more than one device such as computer, phone, tablet to connect to the internet. These devices are generally used to distribute wired or wireless internet connections. You can also use internet distributors as signal repeaters. The signal repeater feature is generally used indoors to provide access at endpoints where internet access is difficult.

How Does Wi-Fi Work?

The Wi-Fi system, which is a wireless network, works with radio frequency. In order to provide Wi-Fi connection, signal propagation must be provided with the help of a modem or similar device. Devices such as computers, phones and tablets receive signals and convert them into data. The connection offered by the internet service provider is provided by the modem. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, provides the formation of a wireless network by spreading the connection with the frequencies that the receiving devices will detect. In this way, a signal exchange takes place between devices with Wi-Fi equipment. An encryption method is used to provide security when connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi. It is security protocols that enable transfers to be made with encryption method. The most preferred and secure encryption type today is WPA2.

When Was Wi-Fi Invented?

Wi-Fi history dates back to the 1970s. The creation of a network system called ALOHAnet at the University of Hawaii in 1971 was one of the first steps of Wi-Fi. Called the "father of Wi-Fi," Vic Hayes began work on the technology today known as WaveLAN under the umbrella of NCR Corporation in 1974, thus pioneering the development of Wi-Fi. In 1991, AT&T Corporation and NCR Corporation developed the pioneering version of 802.11, the wireless networking standard still used today. The first version of the IEEE 802.11 standard, which is still being updated and used, was developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in 1997. The Wi-Fi Alliance was formed in 1999 to bring the Wi-Fi trademark to life. The name of Wi-Fi was determined by the brand consultancy firm Interbrand in the same year.

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