URFABIS Smart Bicycle Project Entered Service

urfabis smart bike project put into service
urfabis smart bike project put into service

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality offered the first "URFABİS Smart Bicycle" project, which was realized for the first time on the occasion of "June 3 World Bicycle Day", to the service of citizens in the 3rd Stage of the GAP.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the Smart Signaling, Mission Management System Software, Solar Powered Signaling, Vehicle Count Cameras and Mobile Signaling works in Şanlıurfa, has also implemented the “URFABIS Smart Bicycle” Project.

With the mobile application, which has the features of reading QR code, loading money with a credit card, displaying kilometers and calories spent, the use of bicycles will be made widespread throughout Şanlıurfa and will be offered to citizens in the near future.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül also examined the implementation process of the project in the GAP 3rd Stage, where Şanlıurfa breathes, together with Başakşehir Mayor Yasin Kartoğlu, who came to Şanlıurfa to make various contacts.

Underlining that the streets of Şanlıurfa will be full of bicycles very soon, Mayor Beyazgül stated that the project will continue by expanding. President Beyazgül wished the “URFABİS” Bicycle project to be auspicious for Şanlıurfa.

Başakşehir Mayor Yasin Kartoğlu stated that the projects implemented by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality were exciting and congratulated everyone who contributed.

At the end of the program, which was attended by many cycling enthusiasts, cycling became the scene of colorful images.

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