Classic Car Championship Held in Bodrum

classic car championship was held in the basement
classic car championship was held in the basement

📩 21/06/2021 15:33

ICRYPEX Spring Rally and ICRYPEX West Anatolian Rally, which are included in the 2021 Turkish Classic Car Championship organized by the Classic Car Club, were held in Bodrum on 19-20 June.

In the races organized with the participation of 1958 cars, the oldest of which is a 190 model Mercedes 1991SL and the newest is a 5 Mazda MX87, the participants spent a pleasant weekend on the route of the Bodrum peninsula, which fascinates with the historical and natural beauties of the Bodrum peninsula, where blue and green meet.

The teams, who came together for the first time after a break of 1 year due to the pandemic, tried to complete the track, which consisted of 'Constant Speed ​​Tests' based on the principle of passing the distances between the checkpoints determined on the roads open to traffic at a certain speed in both races, without errors.

In the 19 ICRYPEX Spring Rally, which started from Hapimag Sea Garden Resort Bodrum on Saturday, June 2021, the teams reached the Gulf of Gökova by following the route of Kızılağaç, Mumcular, Basleğen, Pınarköy. After the break at Ören Marina, they passed through Türkevleri, Çökertme, Kızılağaç and reached Yalı Mahallesi. They finished the race. Hasan Tunç – Kaan Şakar team won the first race of the season, while Harun Ümit Yaşar – Dilek Yaşar took the second place and Selim Bacıoğlu – Handan Bacıoğlu team took the third place.

The second race, the ICRYPEX West Anatolian Rally, started on the morning of Sunday, June 20, again in Yalı district, starting from Hapi Mag See Garden Hotel and ended in Akyarlar, following the route of Çamlık, Bodrum, Bitez, Ortakent, Gürece, Dereköy, Kadıkalesi, Turgutreis. Hasan Tunç – Kaan Şakar team won the second race of the season, Mehmet Hüzmen – Gökhan Onur took the second place and Şenol Evren – Gezin Evren team took the third place.

Organized as part of the 2021 Demir Berberoğlu Season under the auspices of the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation, the organization ended with the award ceremony held at the Radisson Collection Hotel on Sunday evening. In a statement made by TOSFED President Eren Üçlertoprağı, after opening the season in Bodrum in April, he expressed his satisfaction that Bodrum hosted the rally organized by the Classic Car Club and Bodrum's support for automobile sports.

The teams that shared the first three places in the General Classification won special hearts with heart figures, inspired by healthcare professionals, designed by Günay Inan. Apart from the trophies, the special awards given by Radisson Collection, Happimag Sea Garden Resort and ICRYPEX found their owners. Teams of fathers and their children had the chance to celebrate Father's Day at the award ceremony.

Radisson Collection and Ant Yapı Chairman of the Board Mehmet Okay, who hosted the award ceremony, took part in the race with his own classic car.

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