İzmir Wildlife Park Elephant Family Reunited With Their Third Baby

izmir natural life park got its third elephant calf
izmir natural life park got its third elephant calf

The third offspring of Begümcan and Winner couple, who are residents of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Natural Life Park, were born. The health of the pup and mother Begümcan, whose birth created joy and excitement in the park, is good.

Elephant Begümcan and Winner couple, one of the residents of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Natural Life Park, have had their third offspring. Thus, the number of Asian elephants listed in the list of animals in danger of extinction in the world rose to 5 in İzmir.

After about 2 years of pregnancy, 25-year-old Begümcan gave birth to a healthy baby of 110 kilograms. The puppy has not yet been named. Begümcan and Winner have two more children, İzmir and Deniz.

“Newest member of Wildlife Park for now”

İzmir Wildlife Park Manager Şahin Afşin stated that they have been following Begümcan's pregnancy process for a long time and said that they were very excited about the new baby. Expressing that the elephant family owns the cub, Şahin Afşin said, “For now, it is the newest member of the Natural Life Park. We've been waiting for her to be born for days. It finally came. It was so cute and made us all extremely happy. Our pup is healthy and quite active. After looking inside for a while, it will be taken out to the area. Then the visitors will be able to see the pup," he said.

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