Istanbul Airport Served 1.825.233 Passengers in May

dhmi million thousand passengers preferred airway in may
dhmi million thousand passengers preferred airway in may

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure State Airports Authority (DHMI) General Directorate announced the airline aircraft, passenger and cargo statistics for May 2021.

In May, the number of planes landing and taking off at our environmentally and passenger-friendly airports, where all necessary precautions are taken for the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, reached 38.668 in domestic flights and 25.160 in international lines. In May, a total of 82.120 aircraft traffic took place with the overpasses.

In this month, domestic passenger traffic was 3.121.536 and international passenger traffic was 2.438.433 at airports across Turkey. Thus, in May, a total of 5.568.364 passengers were served, including direct transit passengers.

Airport freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; In May, it was 38.750 tons in domestic flights, 186.696 tons in international lines, and 225.446 tons in total.


16.444 aircraft landed and took off at Istanbul Airport in May. There were 3.905 domestic flights and 12.539 international flights.

A total of 491.249 passengers were served at the airport in May, including 1.333.984 on domestic flights and 1.825.233 on international lines.

In May, 3.364 aircraft landed and took off at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, where general aviation activities and cargo transportation continue.

Thus, a total of 19.808 aircraft traffic was realized at these two airports.


In the five-month (January-May) period; Air traffic landing and taking off at airports was 223.824 in domestic flights and 109.261 in international lines. Thus, a total of 467.160 aircraft traffic was realized with the overpasses.

Domestic passenger traffic in airports across Turkey of 18.496.492 of the 10.912.735 international passengers traffic in this period were given a total of 29.433.199 passengers with direct transit passengers.

During the period in question, the freight (cargo, post and baggage) traffic of the airports; 198.240 tons in domestic lines and 860.448 tons in international lines.

In a five-month period, Istanbul Airport handled 80.910 aircraft and 9.416.756 passengers. This number was 15.649 aircraft at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. The number of aircraft traffic at both airports in the same period is 96.559.

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