Immune and Digestive Functions in Babies

immune and digestive functions in infants
immune and digestive functions in infants

It is stated that with the beginning of the summer months, it is beneficial to make small but important changes in the feeding routines of babies. It is very critical for babies with a very sensitive digestive system to be fed in a healthy way during the transition to supplementary food starting from the 6th month.

Watch out for open food!

Underlining that open food should not be consumed during the summer period, Pediatrics and Neonatal Intensive Care Specialist Prof. Ferhat Çekmez states that it is important to avoid products that carry such risks. In addition, she states that specially prepared cereal spoon foods for babies with high vitamin and mineral ratios are supportive in the development of a healthy digestive system, starting from the 6th month.

Grain spoon foods are digestive system friendly

Stating that cereal spoon foods play a big role in meeting their daily needs, Prof. Cekmez recommends that especially multi-grain formulas, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, should be included in the nutrition program of babies. These formulas, which are an ideal food source for babies in terms of vitamins and fiber, are also a good source of energy in terms of carbohydrates. Emphasizing that multigrain foods, which are also rich in iron and zinc, help babies to have a positive effect on the digestive system, Çekmez recommends that multigrain spoon foods containing different sources such as fennel and molasses should be included in the mother's kitchen in order to preserve the normal functions of the digestive system of babies.

Good sleep is important for the immune and digestive system.

prof. Cekmez points out that with the heat wave, the sleeping patterns of babies differ. At this stage, she mentions the importance of choosing ingredients rich in fiber and vitamins in their diets in the summer, so that babies can sleep comfortably. Cekmez also adds that the nutritious and satisfying multi-grain spoon foods help babies relax and have a better quality sleep before sleep.



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