İGA Will Raise Environmental Awareness to Passengers with Kollekt Application

With IGA Kollekt Application, Passengers Will Gain Environmental Awareness
With IGA Kollekt Application, Passengers Will Gain Environmental Awareness

Guiding its activities in line with its sustainability principles, İGA has added a new one to the activities carried out within the scope of “Environmental Awareness” at Istanbul Airport. With the Kollekt application, it is aimed to provide behavioral transformation in waste management for passengers at Istanbul Airport.

Istanbul Airport, which IGA has implemented with a sustainable approach from the design stage, continues to set an example with the value it attaches to the environment and its work in the field of sustainability. Celebrating June 5, World Environment Day in a meaningful way, IGA is launching the “Kollekt” application at Istanbul Airport.

In line with the Zero Waste Policy of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the “Kollekt” designed within the scope of the Clean Mediterranean Community-Based Recycling Project carried out by the Nature Conservation Center Foundation (DKM) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with the support of the Coca-Cola Foundation and in cooperation with the Kemer Municipality. ” application aims to change waste management habits and raise awareness at Istanbul Airport as well.

The goal is to raise environmental awareness to passengers…

With Kollekt, a technological application where passengers can show their respect for the environment, it is aimed to instantly collect the wastes accumulated at the airport. Istanbul Airport, which is taking firm steps towards becoming an airport that can transform its waste, thus supports the waste system with a technological infrastructure. Since the map of Istanbul Airport is integrated in detail in the application, passengers will be able to take the waste they find to the nearest container.

How to use Kollekt app?

After photographing the waste encountered at the airport, the type of waste and how the waste will be disposed are selected on the application. The application redirects to the nearest container. In this way, points are earned for each waste.

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