China Signed 6 Firsts With Its First Mars Exploration Mission

The genie broke ground with its first Mars exploration mission
The genie broke ground with its first Mars exploration mission

It was recorded that 6 firsts were signed with China's first Mars exploration mission. China National Space Administration SözcüSu Xu Hongliang briefed the press conference in Beijing about the progress of China's first Mars exploration mission.

Xu Hongliang pointed out that the successful completion of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft's exploration mission to Mars is a major breakthrough in the history of China's space studies. Xu Hongliang reported that Tianwen-1 has achieved 6 firsts.

Xu listed the firsts of the study in question as follows: First, the spacecraft was launched to the Earth-Mars transfer orbit for the first time. The second was an interplanetary flight. Third, a spacecraft soft-landed on an extraterrestrial planet. Fourth, exploration and observation missions are carried out on the surface of extraterrestrial planets. Fifth, communication was established for the first time with a spacecraft 400 million kilometers from the earth. Finally, thanks to the mission, scientific data on Mars will be obtained first-hand.

Sözcü Xu Hongliang explained that these firsts not only showed China's intelligence in space, but also symbolized China's rise to the top of the world in planetary exploration. Xu Hongliang said, “Not only did Tianwen-1 leave traces of China on Mars for the first time in the history of Earth space, but three main objectives of circumnavigation, soft landing and surface exploration were successfully accomplished during a single mission. "This marks my country's move to the forefront of the world in planetary exploration."

Source: China International Radio

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