New Opel Grandland Surprises With Its Features

new opel grandland surprises with features
new opel grandland surprises with features

Opel continues to bring the SUV family together with its dynamic design language. German automotive giant Opel is renewing Grandland, another SUV model after Crossland and Mokka, by bringing it together with the 'Opel Visor' design concept. Thus, all SUV models of Opel are equipped with the brand's strong design language, digital cockpit feature and high German technologies. Offering advanced technologies, advanced security systems and a superior level of comfort, the new Opel Grandland offers a completely digital and unique cockpit experience with its intuitive wide-screen Opel Pure Panel feature. The new compact SUV also offers users greater freedom of choice with its four-wheel drive rechargeable hybrid powertrain solution in addition to internal combustion engines.



Bringing superior German technology together with the most contemporary designs, Opel continues to introduce the remarkable new brand face 'Opel Visor' to the members of the SUV family. The assertive and dynamic design features, which started with the renewed Crossland and were fully seen in the new Mokka for the first time, continue with the new Grandland. Equipped with a strong design language, digital cockpit and high German technologies, the 3 powerful SUVs clearly demonstrate Opel's claim in this class. The new Opel Grandland is getting ready to hit the road with its intuitive controls, innovative technologies, stylish and sporty design.

Opel Grandland


The assertive design of the new Opel Grandland is evident at first glance with its clear and smooth lines. One of the brand's new design elements, the 'Opel Visor', is spreading to the front. The Grandland name and lightning logo are located in the middle of the trunk lid. Body-colored bumpers, side panels and underbody protection coatings in glossy black and silver draw attention as complementary features to the overall design. The new Grandland also offers a dual-colour roof option.

Opel Grandland


Opel will announce the overseas sales prices for the renewed SUV model in a few weeks and open the new Grandland to order. The new Opel Grandland, produced in the Eisenach factory in Germany, will meet with its fans in autumn.



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