Presidential International Yacht Races will be held in Galataport Istanbul

presidential international yacht races will be held in galataport istanbul
presidential international yacht races will be held in galataport istanbul

The Istanbul stage of the Presidential 2nd International Yacht Race, organized by the Istanbul Offshore Yacht Racing Club under the auspices of the Presidency, will be hosted by Galataport Istanbul this year. Racers from all over the world will race on a magnificent track, where Galataport Istanbul Gate is the most critical turning point of the race, on October 25, after the Muğla stage on June 27-29. Thanks to this turnaround gate specially planned for the host Galataport Istanbul, the track will lean against the coast and provide guests on the coast with the opportunity to watch more closely than ever before.

The Presidential International Yacht Races, which will be held for the second time this year, will be held in Muğla on 25-27 June and Istanbul on 29 October-31 October. The race, hosted by Galataport Istanbul and organized by the Istanbul Open Sea Yacht Racing Club with the main sponsorship of DHL Express, is under the auspices of the Presidency; It will be organized with the contributions of the Ministries of Culture and Tourism, Foreign Affairs and Youth and Sports. NTV, which is the media sponsor of the races, will bring this magnificent race to the screens with live broadcasts that will last all day. The enthusiasm of the race can be watched live on NTV screens.

Galataport Istanbul Gate will take your breath away

The Republic Cup (Bosphorus), Blue Homeland Cup (Islands track) and Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha Cup (Caddebostan track) races will be held at the stage, which will start on October 29, Republic Day. The race, which will start with a moment of silence in front of Dolmabahçe in honor of Atatürk and his comrades, will be the return gate of Galataport Istanbul, named after itself, on the Bosphorus track between Dolmabahçe and Anadolu Hisarı. With the turn at the Galataport Istanbul Gate, the track will lean against the coast, so the spectators at the Galataport Racing Village and on the coast, which will be set up for the race, will have the chance to watch the event more closely than ever before. The races, which will be the scene of challenging but breathtaking moments, will be watched live under the sponsorship of NTV. Races, interviews, the trophy ceremony and the big fight with unique images will be broadcast on NTV screens.

Unforgettable squares in front of the historical peninsula

In addition to being the most challenging and important turning point of the race, Galataport Istanbul Gate also symbolizes the feature of meeting the past and the future of Galataport Istanbul, the revitalized historical port of Istanbul, with innovations that embody world firsts. The racers, who will sweat with their magnificent boats on this challenging turn, will give the audience unforgettable moments in front of the unique historical peninsula landscape. A Sea Festival will also be organized in Galataport Racing Village, where the Award Ceremony of the races will be held on October 31st, for three days starting from October 29th.

Galataport Istanbul, Istanbul's gateway to the world from the sea, continues to contribute to sports, marine tourism and the promotion of the country with its consistent support to the Presidential International Yacht Races.

Nafiz Karadere: “Supporting the development of sailing in our country is among the priority targets of our Group in the field of sports”

Doğuş Media Group Chairman of the Board and Doğuş Holding Board Member Nafiz Karadere, drawing attention to the importance of Doğuş Media Group's support as the media sponsor of the Presidential 2nd International Yacht Race, said: “As Doğuş Group, our social projects and social investments are among our social investments. Sports have a special place. In the past years, we have built basketball courts in different regions of our country in order to make basketball popular among young people in our country and to make basketball an accessible sport with our Stay in the Game project, as well as basketball team sponsorships. Today, we continue to support our young athletes with names such as young racing driver Cem Bölükbaşı and Olympic gymnast Ferhat Arıcan, who represent our country with their significant achievements in different branches of sports. With our main sponsorship of Fenerbahçe Sports Club Sailing Branch, which has been continuing since 2016, we aim to contribute to the training of Olympic athletes who will represent our country on international platforms. On this occasion, we are proud to be with our sailors who will compete in the Tokyo Olympics. Supporting the development of sailing in our country is among the priority targets of our Group in the field of sports. As Doğuş Media Group, we have been supporting the Presidential Yacht Races since last year; We believe that this valuable organization is a very important step for the development of sailing in our country.”

Erdem Tavas: “We will celebrate the enthusiasm of our Republic Day together with the Presidential International Yacht Races on the Karaköy coastline, where we meet the sea after 200 years”

Galataport Istanbul Executive Board Member Erdem Tavas stated that they are proud to support the Presidential 2nd International Yacht Races: “The project of firsts, as Galataport Istanbul, the historical port of the city, combines sports and sea and plays an important role in the promotion of our country abroad. We are proud to be hosting in the second year of . We will have the opportunity to watch this visual feast on the Bosphorus together with the people of Istanbul and our neighbors in Karaköy on our coastline, which will be opened 1911 years later, together with the Package Post Office, whose history dates back to 200. At Galataport Istanbul, which will allow the city to reunite with the sea at this point, we will celebrate our Republic Day together with enthusiasm with a 3-day Sea Festival at the end of October, which we hope will lessen the effects of the pandemic. In a very short time, we keep sports and good life among our priorities at Galataport Istanbul, which will provide a healthy and safe, “breathing” socializing environment to all our local and foreign guests, especially Istanbulites and visitors of the city. We hope that our Presidential International Yacht Races, which emphasize the importance of the sea for a city and reveal the uniqueness of Istanbul and the Bosphorus, will continue for many more years. We think that the Sea Festival, which we will organize for the first time this year as part of the races, will also become an ongoing ritual in the coming years. As Galataport Istanbul, we aim to increasingly continue our collaborations, which bring together different experiences and cultures on the sea, which is our main focus, in the coming period.”

Ekrem Yemlihaoglu: “Our efforts will serve to make our organization reach a much greater level in the future”

Istanbul Open Sea Yacht Racing Club President Ekrem Yemlihaoğlu emphasized the hosting of Galataport Istanbul and the support of Doğuş Publishing Group since last year: “From the first moment we were authorized to organize the Presidential International Yacht Races by our club, with the approval of our President. ; We embarked on a great search and effort on what we can do to contribute positively to sailing, sea and maritime, environmental awareness, and our country's image around the world. At this point, our paths crossed with Galataport Istanbul and Doğuş Media Group. From the first day we shared those dreams until now, we have become a big family that shares the same ideals, innovative and always aiming for the better. All our efforts together will serve to organize our organization as it deserves and to reach a much greater level in the future. We are grateful to them for their support and cooperation on this path. Millions of tiny hearts that we will fill with the love of the sea together will be our greatest reward.”

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