Izmit Municipality Opens the Doors of History with Eurasia Road

İzmit Municipality is opening the doors of history via Eurasia.
İzmit Municipality is opening the doors of history via Eurasia.

Izmit Municipality, which completed the first phase of the Eurasian Road markings to open the doors of history, also planned new steps to revive the city tourism with local and foreign names coming from Istanbul.

Izmit Municipality Sports Affairs Directorate, which makes route markings in order to revive tourism, protect the cultural assets of Izmit and allow tourists to wander without the need for a guide, continues its Eurasian Road Culture Route project studies. Izmit Municipality teams, which completed the first stage of the markings in the past days, met in the Yagcilar Village of Gebze with a delegation of 9 people who started walking from Istanbul on Wednesday, June 4th.


Sports Affairs staff, together with the representatives of the Historic Eurasian Road, made preliminary preparations for new steps to protect cultural heritage. Izmit Municipality stated that the Eurasia Road will contribute to Kocaeli in many areas such as rural development, revival of urban tourism, and protection of environmental and cultural assets. Cultural Routes Association Board Member Oytun Güventürk, Hikingistanbul Manager Nick Hoobs, group members; Natalia Antonova and Fatemah Mashal planned the preliminary preparations of many steps in line with the exchange of ideas during their 3-day walk.


Izmit Municipality teams, who showed the historical Kutluca Stone Bridge, Historical Great Arch, Martyrs' Grove, Orhan Mosque and other cultural assets of Izmit to the team from Istanbul, stated that all tourists can visit easily thanks to the cleaning, marking and signage on the route. The route, which will ensure that the Istanbul-Izmit line can be crossed safely on foot, will bring thousands of travelers to Izmit and revive urban tourism. İzmit Mayor Atty. The Istanbul delegation thanked Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet and stated that they would do their best to promote Izmit.



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