Myths About Menstrual Period

Mistakes about the menstrual period
Mistakes about the menstrual period

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Department Op. Dr. Emine Barın explained the well-known mistakes about her menstrual period.

Period; It is defined as a physiological event experienced once a month by young girls who have entered puberty and every woman of reproductive age, which has many names such as menstruation and menstruation among the public. Most of the women who do not have any health problems go through this process every month until the menopause period. New information about this special experience in women's life is being reached day by day, but some misinformation spread by word of mouth in the society can cause a decrease in the quality of life of women.

The entire menstrual cycle in women is designed to get pregnant. Each month, the inner membrane of the uterus is fed and thickened through the vessels with the effect of hormones, and in the same process, an egg starts to grow in the ovarian region, if the developing egg is not fertilized with sperm, the egg cell that completes its development will deliver its place to the new egg and in this process, the growing inside the uterine membrane. tissue is expelled from the female body as menstrual blood. This natural process causes many physiological and psychological changes in the female body, but there is a lot of false information circulating in the society about these changes.

"Painkillers should not be drunk even if there is pain during the menstrual period because this prevents the discharge of dirty blood"

If you have excessive pain during the menstrual period and if you do not have any other systemic disease, there is no problem in taking painkillers. Although the amount of menstrual bleeding may decrease with painkillers, this is not a problem. As it is thought, dirty blood does not accumulate inside.

"The menstrual periods of women living together are synchronized"

The menstrual pattern is different for every woman. Some women have polycystic ovary syndrome and have a late period. Some women have a hormone problem and have frequent menstruation. Some of them have irregular menstruation, and the menstrual period of women living in the same house is not affected by each other.

"Menstrual pain goes away after getting married"

Menstrual pain does not go away when you get married. Only when you become pregnant and give birth, the menstrual pain, called primary dysmenorrhea, which does not have a health problem, stops.

"Using tampons is not healthy as it will prevent dirty blood from flowing."

Using tampons is safe for women who do not want to use pads. For example, tampons should be used in contrast to those with pad allergies, but it is important to change the tampons every 6 hours at most.

“Taking a shower during menstruation cuts blood. It is not healthy as it will prevent dirty blood from flowing. "

You can take a shower during menstruation. The only requirement is to take a shower while standing, it is not suitable to sit in the bathtub.

"You cannot get pregnant during menstruation"

Since some women have menstrual irregularities, the menstrual cycle can be confused. During the intermediate bleeding period, pregnancy can be achieved by intercourse.

"Delaying menstrual drugs are harmful"

There is no harm in drugs that delay menstruation. It can be used safely during holidays or special days.

"During the menstrual period, my body expels harmful toxic substances and is cleansed"

The blood that flows out during the menstrual period is completely formed by the exchange of hormones. In other words, they are intrauterine membrane cells. Free of toxic, contaminated substances

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