Married Couples Show Intense Interest in Free SMA Test

couples to marry show intense interest in free sma test
couples to marry show intense interest in free sma test

Young couples show great interest in the free Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) test support announced by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, which will be provided to newly married citizens. While 430 couples apply for testing in about a month, applications continue to be received via the address "".

Couples from the capital show great interest in the free Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) test support for newly married couples initiated by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out activities prioritizing public health.

Yavaş explained that the test application process started with the announcement made on social media accounts after the protocol signed with Başkent University on February 25 and the decision taken unanimously at the April meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council and said, “ we took a step. Our application process has started for free SMA test support. We will walk to healthy tomorrows together, ”he said.


Following the announcement made by Mayor Yavaş on 21 April, while 430 couples to be married have applied to the address "" so far, the test procedures were initiated after the Ramadan Feast and the full closing process.

Within the scope of the protocol, the test fee of one of the young couples who will marry until the end of 2021 will be paid by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to diagnose SMA disease.


Seyfettin Aslan, Head of Health Affairs Department, emphasized that the application process for the free SMA test support for newly married couples continues and young couples should be sensitive about the SMA test.

“Under the leadership of our President Mr. Mansur Yavaş, we care about the health of every citizen. We act with the slogan goodness is contagious with every problem of Ankara residents. Acting with this understanding, our municipality has signed a protocol with Başkent University to prevent and eliminate SMA disease, which is wanted to be controlled only with therapeutic measures. Accordingly, if our young couples from Ankara who will marry apply via, they will be directed to Başkent University to be paid by the Metropolitan Municipality. SMA disease is a serious illness. Treatment can be done with high fees. The way to get rid of this is to have the SMA test done. We recommend this test to newlyweds and ask them to take the test. "


Underlining that SMA disease is an expensive and difficult disease process, Başkent University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Genetics, Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Feride Şahin gave the following information:

“SMA disease is a disease that is observed with a frequency of approximately one in ten thousand in the society, but its carrier is very high. It is an important public health problem. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Başkent University Rectorate started a social health project together. Within the scope of this project, we will carry out the project in a way to test one of the spouses before marriage. In this process, we take blood samples from the spouses and perform DNA isolation from it and apply a test that only diagnoses SMA disease. "


Young couples who applied for free test support and had a test at Başkent University Hospital, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the support provided by the Metropolitan Municipality for healthy young generations:

Abdullah Emre Shot: “We see it constantly on social media, efforts are made to collect high amounts of aid money. It is a very painful process for both the parents and the child. Since the easiest method of preventing this disease is to choose prenatal embryos with genetic diagnosis, we decided to have this test. If we have a carrier situation, it is very important to have a controlled birth. We became aware of the social media posts that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which provides this free test support, has such a service. "

Mystery Cool: “I saw the SMA test support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality on the Municipality's twitter account. We are aware that its treatment is a very costly disease that needs immediate attention. If we have a carrier, we wanted to have this test to take our precaution, knowing this from the very beginning. This service of the Metropolitan Municipality is very important, and all other local governments should do the same. In this way, awareness will also increase. "

Eda Gizem Yilmaz: “The Metropolitan Municipality provided a very nice test support to the newly married couples. I saw it on the news and we applied as soon as we saw it. Thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality officials, they guided us when we called and made our appointment immediately. I recommend all couples to get this test done as soon as possible. "

Kemal Turkaslan: “Through my fiancee, I learned that the Metropolitan Municipality signed a protocol with Başkent University for the SMA test. The reason we have this test is to take a step towards pre-diagnosis and diagnosis. I hope such a good work will set an example and become widespread. "

Burcu Simsek: “When SMA is diagnosed in children, the treatment process is very costly and troublesome. Therefore, we think that this test is very important in order to prevent the disease from the very beginning in order to prevent any discomfort in the future. Mansur, we thank the president. We hope that from now on, everybody will get this test done. "

Couples who want to have the SMA test free of charge at Başkent University with the practice initiated with the aim of detecting and treating SMA disease in advance and preventing the recently increased birth of sick individuals; You can apply by filling out the form on the internet address with TR identity numbers, name and surname, mobile mobile numbers and marriage status certificate.

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