To what extent Diyarbakir Tram Project Will Solve the Traffic Problem

To what extent will the Diyarbakir tram project solve the traffic problem?
To what extent will the Diyarbakir tram project solve the traffic problem?

Tender of the tram project was held in Diyarbakır. The project will be implemented with the construction and purchase of vehicles. Speaking to Evrensel, ŞPO Diyarbakır Branch President Berivan Güneş evaluated the project.

The tender for the tram project carried out by the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality was held. The project will be implemented with the construction and purchase of vehicles. The project, which will be 14.1 kilometers long and consists of 23 stations, between Dağkapı and Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital, is planned to be operational in 2023. UniversalSpeaking to the Chamber of City Planners (ŞPO) Diyarbakır Branch President Berivan Güneş stated that the application was made for the project during the Osman Baydemir period in 2013, and that it was kept on hold, including the time of Gültan Kışanak, and said that it was approved by the trustee. Although the transportation master plan of the city was revised, Güneş stated that it is a mystery to what extent the project, which was prepared 8 years ago, will solve the traffic problem today.


Stating that serious traffic problems have arisen in the rapidly growing population and the cities growing accordingly, Güneş said, “The project that the trustee is intended to do is the project that was made in 2010-2011 during Osman Baydemir's term as mayor, and in 2013, the first application was made to the Bank of Provinces. The project route is the same and there is only a change in the number of stops compared to the first project. Projects over 100 million TL are referred to the High Planning Council (YPK). The Diyarbakır light rail system project was transferred to the high planning board by the State Planning Organization in 2014. Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality during Gültan Kışanak period applied for the project to be included in the program in 2015, but unfortunately there was a blockage here. "The High Planning Council put the project on hold, although the correspondence, reports and the project were appropriate."


Stating that the political aspirations of the government lie behind the approval of the project, which was not approved for years during the term of elected mayors, and said, “In 2017, the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality under the administration of the trustee applied with the same project. The project has been approved. Of course, there were political reasons for the project, which has been working for years and awaited approval, during the trustee process. With this decision, the government once again revealed its policies on HDP municipalities. In 2017, Kayyum Cumali Atilla stated that the project will be approved and the construction will start, but despite the intervening 4 years, no progress has been made in the project. The project to be done is not a new project. "This project was carried out under the consultancy of Boğaziçi University with the views of the dynamics of the city during the period of Osman Baydemir."


Stating that they are concerned that the project, which was prepared in the Baydemir period to solve the traffic problem and increase the tourism potential of the city, by the trustees to turn it into an income area, Güneş said, “During the HDP municipality period, as a result of the meetings held with the relevant academicians from Boğaziçi University and the city dynamics, the project will not create an income area for the city. it was seen as a suitable project for the process. As a matter of fact, after the trustee appointments, which we see as a usurpation of will, we unfortunately see that the trusteeship practices are completely rent-oriented and contrary to the historical texture of the city. Our hope is that, like other trustee projects, it will be turned into a rent-oriented project and not added to practices that are contrary to the social and historical texture of the city. In this sense, the important thing is that the project was prepared during the HDP period, not being implemented during the trustee period, but a public-oriented project ”.


Saying that the project, which came to the agenda during the Baydemir period, was prepared in accordance with the conditions of the city at that time, Güneş stated that the building process in the city increased rapidly and at this point the project was an enigma to solve the traffic problem of the city and said, “We asked for information about the project details, they were not given to us. Serious problems will arise if the project is not completed on time. During Baydemir, the city did not grow that much. Extra problems will arise now that the city is fringed. But we do not know what problems will arise, because we cannot see the details of the project, ”he said.

Stating that the same company that prepared the project during the Baydemir period won the project tender, Güneş said, “In other words, the project prepared in the Baydemir period continues as it was. It is only now approved, ”he said.


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