Chohaz Junction Gets a Modern Look

cohaz junction gets a modern look
cohaz junction gets a modern look

Van Metropolitan Municipality has completely renovated the Çohaz junction on Şerefiye Caddesi with a modern look.

Şerefiye Mahallesi Çohaz intersection, which is one of the important crossing points of the city and has been waiting for a solution for a long time, has been renewed. At the intersection, the work was started a while ago with the instruction of Mehmet Emin Bilmez, the Governor of Van and the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. As the narrow roads were expanded within the scope of the works, the residences on the road axis were demolished by paying the prices to the homeowners.

After the expansion of the area, the teams of the Department of Science Affairs determined the middle intersection and completely renewed the pavements of the area. The intersection work, which spilled the asphalt, ended with the central median, lighting, warning signs and road lines. The intersection, which enlivens the city with day and night, has also been appreciated by drivers and residents of the neighborhood.

Ozan Bilici, one of the residents of the neighborhood, thanked those who contributed to the work completed at the intersection.

With the works carried out by the Department of Science, 600 tons of asphalt was laid at the intersection, while 10 thousand flowers were planted in the area by the Parks and Gardens Department. The teams of the Department of Transportation completed the signaling, warning signs and road line works of the intersection in a short time and opened it to the service of the public.

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