8 Golden Rules to Prepare Individuals from the Pandemic

The golden rule to prepare individuals for the exit from the pandemic
The golden rule to prepare individuals for the exit from the pandemic

During the covid-19 process, the way of doing business has changed, the rhythm of work has changed, the more difficult ones are those who lost their jobs, those who could not open their shops and those who opened their own shops. Many contracts were frozen, some contracts were canceled due to force majeure. Every business that slows down, changes, stops and deteriorates has affected every life. The inability to fulfill our responsibilities has made us all unhappy and forced.

Explaining the importance of continuing the struggle no matter the circumstances, AL Consulting Founder, Human Resources and Communication Specialist Ayşen Laçinel said:

“In this period, our greatest wealth has been the courage to say we are still alive, to open up the roads that have been closed, and to find a way if there is no way. The only freedom, the greatest freedom and wealth; It is what people will think and decide to do in the face of those who come to power. If there is a responsibility for life, if you have a dream, a goal or if you can dream, it means that you have not lost the meaning of your life, your life has meaning.

Human Resources and Communication Specialist Ayşen Laçinel noted the following about 8 basic rules that will prepare individuals for the exit from the pandemic:

1-Whatever is experienced, understand and realize.

2-Whatever is bothering you, is there anything you can do to fix it and make it happen as you want? Do it and fix it. Otherwise, understand, put it aside, take your precautions and move on.

3-The problem is that you lost your job, that you can't make money in your job, that you lose your morale and that you have high anxiety? Analyze what is bothering you and remember your own life goal. Don't have a goal, imagine and set your goal.

4-Is it so hard to dream, are you so hopeless?, Did the pandemic only affect you?, Is this Covid-19 because of you? With the pandemic, the world has faced the same health threat and everyone is going through a big test. Yes, these days will pass. You are alive and focus on the possibilities.

5-What do you have for your dream and goal?, Look at what you have and what can you do with what you have now?, What other ways can you find if your existing roads are closed?, Think about it, focus and find a new way, start realizing possibilities.

6-Keep busy with your daily work. Be effective, cook, clean, water the flowers. Feel the good days to come as you try to get your work on track. When these days pass, life will embrace you again with enthusiasm, you will be good again.

7- Always take care of yourself. Remember that air is free, sun is free, hope and effort are free. Maintain optimism and zeal for well-being as you try to find new ways and survive.

8-Be with people who will be good to you. Video chat with your friends, remember and give life to life.

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