When Will Beyoğlu Swimming Pool Open?

when will the beyoglu swimming pool be opened
when will the beyoglu swimming pool be opened

The work in the Beyoğlu Swimming Pool, which was renovated by the IMM, has come to an end. The facility, where the pool, changing rooms, administrative areas and technical infrastructure were renewed, was made suitable for the access of disabled individuals. The facility, which has been renewed with all its units, is planned to be put into service in August.

While Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues the construction works of new sports facilities, it also modernizes the existing sports facilities. Following the completion of the renovation works and the Cemal Kamacı Sports Complex, Yeşilce Sports Facility and Silivri Müjdat Gürsu Stadium, the maintenance and repair work in the IMM Beyoğlu Swimming Pool has reached the final stage.


Responding to the needs of Beyoğlu and surrounding districts in the swimming branch, the renovation works at the İBB Beyoğlu Swimming Pool started in September 2020. During the works, the 12 × 25 meter, 5-lane swimming pool was completely renewed. Two dressing rooms, reservation and waiting areas, administrative offices, prayer rooms and staff rooms were also included in the renovation processes carried out by the Facilities Maintenance and Repair Directorate under the coordination of the IMM Youth and Sports Directorate.


The facility, where all mechanical systems were renewed and exterior design was made, was made suitable for disabled individuals. In the facility, where ramps were built to make it easier to enter and exit, and disabled elevators were renewed, shower and WC areas were built for disabled swimmers.


The facility, which has been closed for nine months due to renovations and pandemic, is planned to complete the work by the end of July and open the pool in August. Before the pandemic, approximately 37 people were served annually with a capacity of 500 sessions.

With the completion of the maintenance and repair, the IMM Beyoğlu Swimming Pool will be open to use between 08:00 - 22:00, seven days a week, with the same capacity depending on the normalization conditions. More than 300 disabled swimmers will be able to attend 6 sessions annually. It is planned that the facility will provide swimming services to more than a thousand users with a session capacity of over 500 thousand with preventive health services.

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