TCDD and TCDD Tasimacilik 2021 Camp Applications Started

tcdd yili campus applications started
tcdd yili campus applications started

Within the framework of the "Communiqué on Public Social Facilities" published in the Official Gazette dated 13 January 2021 and numbered 31363 by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the "TCDD Personnel Training and Recreation Facilities Regulation" and the circulars published / to be published by the relevant public institutions and organizations within the scope of the COVID-19 Pandemic measures. The circuits, fees, application methods and other issues to be followed for the TCDD Personnel Training and Recreation Facilities, which will be opened in 2021, have been determined.

TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. employees (civil servant-contracted personnel-worker) by filling in the Training and Recreation Facilities "APPLICATION FORM FOR TCDD STAFF TRAINING AND RECREATION FACILITIES" (ANNEX-1) in a complete copy and delivering it to the workplace. Workplaces will meticulously check and approve all information on the application form.

The application forms of the employees working in the Departments will be classified according to the facilities and circuits and sent to the Support Services Department after they are approved by the relevant Department.

Applications of employees working in the Regional, Port, Factory Directorates and directly affiliated with the Departments; It will be classified according to facilities and circuits and will be sent to the Support Services Department after being approved by the workplaces.

The personnel of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş will apply within the principles of articles 2 and 3 as well as TCDD personnel in accordance with the main protocol.

TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. personnel, fill out the "APPLICATION FORM FOR RETIRED AND NON-CORPORATE TCDD STAFF TRAINING AND RECREATION FACILITIES" (ANNEX-2) by hand or by mail (TCDD General Directorate Support Services Department, Hacı Bayram Mahallesi Hippodrom Street) Number 3 Altındağ / ANKARA), fax (0312 520 62 94) and e-mail ( to TCDD General Directorate Support Services Department. (For applications to be made via e-mail, it is essential to take a picture of the application form or to attach it to the e-mail by scanning. Notification e-mail regarding the acceptance or deficiency of e-mail applications will be sent in response.)

Applications will be sent to the Support Services Department by 03.06.2021 at the latest. Applications sent after this date and delays in postage will not be considered.

Applicants will be able to attend the facility for a maximum of 6 people. Applications over 6 people will not be considered. (In facilities with limited number of rooms with 6 beds, a portable bed will be provided if a 6-bed room cannot be provided for 6-person applications.)

Applications will be evaluated by the Support Services Department, taking into account the score. Right to attend the facility kazanThe current personnel list will be published on TCDD website ( and TCDD Portal ( on 04.06.2021.

Right to attend facilities kazanmoments (Those on the main list;

  • İzmir Vakıflar Bankası Urla Branch 00158007281454816- (IBAN. TR 48 0001 5001 5800 7281 4548 16) for Urla facilities
  • For Akçay facilities, Balıkesir Halkbank Akçay Branch 13000001- (IBAN. TR96 0001 2001 2140 0013 0000 01) account,
  • Adana Vakıflar Bankası 00158007306589091 (IBAN. TR09 0001 5001 5800 7306 5890 91) for the Arsuz Plant

Between 04.06.2021 and 11.06.2021, 500,00 TL will be deposited as a pre-allocation fee. The allocation process of those who do not pay the pre-allocation fee by the specified date will be canceled. Those who have deposited the pre-allocation fee, in the explanation part of the receipt, 1) Name-surname,

right to participate kazanThe name of the facility announced, 3) The number of semesters and the start-end dates of the semester must be written. Since the controls regarding the pre-allocation fee payments will be made through the system, the pre-allocation fee receipt will not be sent to the Support Services Department, and a copy of the receipt will be kept with them when joining the facility.

The allocations of those who do not participate in the facility within 24 hours from the beginning of the circuit without informing the facility management, despite the allocation, will be canceled. In this way, a new allocation will be made to the vacant cabins and a fee will be charged over the number of days stayed. Those allocated in this way will be recorded in the (ANNEX-3) form.

No two cabins can be allocated to one person in one circuit, and one person cannot attend more than one facility in the same season. However, if the facility is available, it will be able to make a second request and this will be taken into consideration in the allocations to be made.

At the end of each period; The list of those participating in the facility (ANNEX-4) will be prepared in a complete and without hesitation (the workplaces allocated on behalf of the participants, regardless of the institution, workplace registration numbers, degree of proximity, daily fee collected, children's age, etc.). In addition, at the end of each period, the income-expense table will be prepared and sent to the Regional Directorate and Support Services Department after the approval of the Facility Manager.

Information about the family of the personnel employed at the facility benefiting from the facility and the fees collected will also be stated in the lists (ANNEX-4) in the lists.

Only one of the working spouses will be able to apply to join the facilities. If both spouses apply separately, even if the allocation is made, they will be canceled and administrative action will be applied to them.

The wages determined for TCDD personnel are applied to the spouses, ancestors and descendants (mother and father, child, bride, groom, grandchild) of TCDD and other Public Institutions and Organizations personnel and retirees.

a) Deputies and employees of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, whose legislative office continues or has expired, b) According to the Circular No. 2006/16 of the Prime Ministry; If the spouses, mothers, fathers and their children, veterans, war and duty disabled people, and their spouses, mothers, fathers and children document this situation, they benefit from the facilities over the fee applied to TCDD personnel.

Daily cabin fee for accommodation without wanting to eat during half-time and outside the camp season: Urla and Akçay Education and Recreation Facilities 180 TL for SUIT cabins, Urla and Akçay Education and Recreation facilities 150 TL for STANDARD cabins, Arsuz Training and Recreation Facilities with two rooms. cabin 160 TL, single room cabin 120 TL will be charged. 4-) 1% more than the tariff determined for TCDD staff is applied to those who benefit from the facilities other than those listed in Articles 2 and 50.

After the 500,00 TL deposited by the allocants as the pre-allocation fee is deducted from the total camp fee, the remaining allocation fee will be collected in advance at the facility.

All participants, including those with a diet and similar health report, will be charged a full meal and operating fee (ANNEX-5) as the utilization fee for the facilities.

Accommodation fees will not be charged for children born after February 1, 2018 in these facilities. If food is requested for these, half of the food price is taken.

For children born between February 1, 2015 and February 1, 2018 (including these dates), regardless of whether they want to eat at the training and recreation facilities, half of the accommodation and meals are charged.

Those who give up this request even though the allocation has been made; If they inform these requests in writing to the Directorate of Support Services until at least five business days (the delay in the mail will not be considered) before the start date of the circuit they will participate in, the preliminary allocation fees will be refunded without interruption. Except for compulsory reasons such as death, illness, accident, natural disaster and assignment etc.; After this period, the preliminary allocation fee is refunded by making a 5% deduction for each day between the last day to submit and the date of petition.

Except for the excuses stated above, if a notification is made to stop joining the facility after the end of the working day on the last working day before the commencement date, the pre-allocation fee will not be refunded and the revenue will be recorded.

In case of assignment of the personnel allocated on behalf of the name, the persons indicated in the application form will benefit from the facilities.

The food and operating expenses of those who join the facility late or leave early due to their excuse are fully charged. No refund is made by the Facility Directorate.

In order to give back the fee collected in advance for the remaining days, an application (including the number of persons, the day and time of departure) from the Facility Directorate will be submitted to the Support Services Department with a petition indicating the invoice and the excuse. If the excuse is found to be valid, the refund of the fee for the days left will be provided by the Support Services Department.

A person will not be allocated a cabin. However, if the allocation is made due to the availability of the location, one person will definitely be charged a fee for two.

Identity control of those who attend the facility will be strictly checked and the full fee will be charged within the above principles. Actions will be taken according to the workplace identities of the employees in public institutions and organizations. Public institution personnel or retirees and those who cannot document that they are descendants or ancestors will be charged according to the provisions of Article 4 (ANNEX-5). The Accounting Officer and the Facility Manager will be held responsible together for the collection of the missing fee.

If the meal situation is suitable in the facilities; Regardless of whether TCDD employees are among the daily beneficiaries of the facilities; 30,00 TL for breakfast, 40,00 TL separately for lunch and dinner will be charged against a receipt.

a) Daily entrance fee to Urla Education and Recreation Facility is 30,00 TL per person.
b) Daily entrance fee to the swimming pool of Akçay Training and Recreation Facility is 20,00 TL per person.
c) Children under the age of 12 will not be charged for daily admission.
d) A 50% discount will be applied to the daily entrance fee for TCDD personnel and retirees and their lower and upper descendants, provided that they document their situation.

Seasonal entry cards previously given to TCDD and other public personnel and retirees and their upper and lower strains will be charged 220,00 TL per month, and 330,00 TL per month.

For those who come to the facility on a daily basis, those who use the facility parking lot will be charged a parking fee of 15,00 TL, excluding the entrance fee.

The numbered “Collection Receipt”, which identifies the pages that will be used as door entry receipts, car parking vouchers, meal receipts etc. as in the assets of fixtures and depreciated goods in the facilities, will be counted and received in a minute.

In case of demand, the poolside and dining halls on the days that come across the circuit gaps of the facilities; It can be rented for special meetings, weddings and engagements.

  • Urla Training and Recreation Facility is 2.300,00 TL as hall rent, Akçay Training and Recreation Facility is 1.750,00 TL, terrace-free rental facility in Arsuz Training and Recreation Facility is 1.750,00 TL, garden rental in Arsuz Training and Recreation Facility is 1.200,00 TL ' d.
  • Food, dry cake, wet cake, soft drink, snack and so on in catering / catering organizations. If requested, at least 30% more of the cost per person is priced.
  • Orchestra and artist will be provided by the bidder with video and photo shoot.

The procedures regarding the determination of the circuits to be opened in the summer season of the Akçay, Urla and Arsuz Training and Recreation Facilities and the cabin allocation are carried out by the Support Services Department.

Participant lists are notified to the 3rd and 6th Regional Directorates and Facility Directorates before the start of the circuit.

Those who are allocated on their behalf can never transfer their rights to someone else. Instead of those who cannot attend the facility for any reason, an allocation is made by the Support Services Department among the personnel on the reserve list. Those allocated to their names will notify the Support Services Department at least five working days before the start date of the changes in the number of people specified in the application form. Since cabin allocations are made according to the number of participants in the application form, if the number of participants is less than stated in the application form, if no notification is made, the amount of the participant is charged. Requests for changes will be re-filled in the foreseen times and sent to the Support Services Department.

Facility Manager, Accounting Officer, Fixture Clerk, Food Clerk, Doctor and Chef may be allocated one free booth according to the condition of the facility and no meal fee is charged. Up to 3 members of the family members of whom the cabin is allocated is legally liable, only the boarding fee is charged with a 50% discount. Provided that they stay in the same cabin, the management and food costs are paid in full from other relatives.

A bed is allocated to the other staff members who are not able to go to their homes on a daily basis and no meal fee is charged.


For the matters not mentioned in this order; The provisions of the Communiqué on Public Social Facilities and the TCDD Staff Training and Recreation Facilities Regulation, which are published annually by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, are applied.

General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise; It is responsible and authorized to assign the Facility Manager and other personnel to be made from the workplaces other than the Regional Directorate where the facility is located, to arrange the activity times of the facilities, to determine the wages and collection method, to make cabin allocations.

The Regional Directorate at the location of the facility is responsible and authorized to make the facilities ready for service by maintaining and repairing the facilities, and determining the personnel to be assigned within the Region.

Within the scope of COVID-19 Pandemic measures, Facility Managers are obliged to take the necessary measures according to the circulars issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Interior and other public administrations.

HEPP code query of all participants for accommodation or daily access will be made separately at the entrance to the facilities, and those who cannot "HEPP code verification" and those who are in the "risk group" will not be admitted to the facilities.

Entry of all circuits is 14:00 on Sunday (right to food starts with Sunday dinner and ends with breakfast on the last day). Exit from the premises is Saturday for short circuits and Friday for normal and special circuits. There will be no accommodation before the specified hours and after the specified hours.

 Meal times in special periods: Breakfast will be served between 8: 00-10: 00, Lunch 12: 00-14: 00 Dinner: 18: 00-20: 00.

Meal times in other periods: Breakfast will be served between 8: 00-11: 00, Lunch between 14: 00-15: 00, Dinner between 17:30 and 20:00.
Pets are not allowed in the property.

  1. For Personnel Application Form CLICK HERE
  2. For Retired and Out of Institution Application Form CLICK HERE
  3. For the 2021 Circuit and Fee List CLICK HERE

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