5 Million TL Support Payment Will Be Made For Puffer Fish Fishing

million tl support payment will be made to balloon fish fishing
million tl support payment will be made to balloon fish fishing

The decision to support Balloon Fish fishing within the scope of combating aquatic invasive and alien species entered into force after being published in the official newspaper.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli, in his statement on the subject, stated that, in the last year, in order to protect aquatic biodiversity and ensure sustainable and rational use of our marine resources, small-scale fishermen who hunt the speckled puffer fish from invasive puffer fish were supported and 46.192 puffer fish were disposed of from our resources.

Stating that the scope of support given for a single species last year was extended to include eight puffer fish species of various sizes in our country and to be valid until the end of 2023, Pakdemirli stated that the Decree on Supporting Puffer Fish was signed by our President and published in the Official Gazette. said.


Minister Pakdemirli stated that the fishermen who catch puffer fish will be paid 5 million lira every year within the scope of the puffer fish support and said, “In this context, 5 lira will be paid for the number of spotted puffer fish, the biggest and most dangerous species. For this, a payment of 500 million lira, up to 2,5 thousand; For the remaining 7 species, a payment of 50 million lira, from 5 kuruş to 2,5 million pieces, was planned. "We aim to pay 5,5 million lira for 5 million puffer fish in total."

Stating that the support will cover the years 2021, 2022 and 2023, Pakdemirli said, "3 million puffer fish will be eliminated from our resources in 16,5 years".

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