When to Change Passenger Tires?


It is not possible to make predictions or point out a precise point about the life of a tire. Passenger tire life varies according to factors such as mileage, tire design, driver habits, seasons, road conditions and tire maintenance.

First 5 Years

In the first 5 years and after, you should have your tires examined by showing them to an expert at least once a year. It is extremely important that the tires are thoroughly inspected after 1 years. After the inspection process

10 Years Maximum Duration

It may appear to be still in use 10 years after the tire was manufactured. However, it is recommended to replace tires even if the tread does not wear up to the wear indicator. This also applies to spare tires. It is recommended that unused tires be checked after 10 years and, if possible, not used.

Tire Care

Air pressure, tread wear, adjustment and similar maintenance of tires should be done regularly. As a result of these maintenance, a noticeable increase in the service life of the tires can be obtained.

What Harms Passenger Tires?

Tires can be damaged when conditions such as tire age and wear damage occur. At the same time, obstacles and potholes of the road you are driving reduce the life of the tires.

Along with these details, details such as climate, driving habits and misuse can also cause minor or major damage to the tire.

What Are The Types Of Passenger Tires?

Tires are produced in different types according to their usage and weather conditions. Tires designed in technical varieties such as off-road tires and mud tires are generally divided into categories such as all-season, winter, summer and performance tires.

All season tires are tires that you can use in all seasons. These tires, which provide a quiet ride, also allow you to achieve fuel efficiency. These tires are very suitable for places with mild winters.

Winter tires are produced from special rubbers that will not harden at freezing temperature. These tires, where you can achieve unmatched performance in cold regions, allow you to drive your vehicle safely in snowy weather.

Unlike winter passenger tires, summer tires have less indentation, providing you with a high acceleration and braking ability in hot summer months. Since summer tires have less tread depth, their road holding is also extremely high.

Performance tires are suitable for sports cars. These tires allow you to utilize the power of the engine at the maximum level. At the same time, the tread pattern density and tread depth are low, so the road holding level is high. However, these types of tires wear faster than others.

Brand assurance is among the most important details to consider when choosing your new tire. You can have passenger tire models that you can use reliably by choosing brands that always receive positive feedback from their users.

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