You Can Prevent Skin Aging with Laser Technology

You can overcome skin aging with laser technology.
You can overcome skin aging with laser technology.

📩 16/03/2021 13:50

Skin aging, acne, burns and scars… All these constitute the common problem of many people who care about their aesthetic appearance and care. Many different techniques are used to solve these problems, with or without surgery.

Fractional CO2 Laser, which is used for skin rejuvenation and is the most powerful laser technology, is among the most preferred methods recently due to its high healing effects and low side effects. With this technology, which affects both the upper and lower layers of the skin, the spots on the upper skin are treated and collagen formation is stimulated during the renewal of the skin.

Can be used on acne, wounds, burns and spots

Fractional CO2 Laser application can be used for acne scars, surgery, burns and scars, cracks that occur after pregnancy and childbirth, skin wrinkles for anti aging and facial sagging for tightening purposes. However, it can also be applied in the treatment of melasma, which is called pregnancy mask, in aging and sun spots.

Intact tissues allow damaged tissues to be repaired

In this application, the laser beam is sent to the skin in microscopic round columns. Thus, it is ensured that solid tissue areas remain between the round columns. With this method, the water in the application areas is mainly targeted. In other words, water-containing structures such as collagen, blood vessels, keratinocytes are subjected to thermal damage in a controlled manner by laser beam. Living cells in intact tissues next to the damaged area send a warning to the damaged area to regenerate the damaged tissue. During the renewal of the skin, while the spots on the upper skin are treated, collagen formation is stimulated on the other hand.

Can be applied together with PRP and mesotherapy

Along with the fractional CO2 Laser, methods such as PRP and mesotherapy, which are among other anti aging applications, can be added to the treatment. Especially effective results can be obtained with Fractional CO2 Laser application performed together with PRP and mesotherapy in anti aging and melasma treatment.

Collagen production is provided after a while from the treatment.

It may take 7-10 days for the patient to recover after the procedure. The skin turns red and collects edema in the first three days, and peeling begins in the following process. Patients can return to their normal life after about a week. The effectiveness of the treatment usually becomes evident after three months and the effect does not appear immediately. Although the peeling that occurs at first seems like a peeling effect, the treatment effect and improvement in the skin usually begin to show itself within 3-6 months. Because collagen production in the skin is completed within these periods.

The number of sessions depends on the person

The number of sessions of the procedure varies depending on the purpose of the treatment, the area to be treated and the skin characteristics of the person. The number of sessions is usually between 3-6, while the time between two sessions is set as one month. In more superficial procedures, it is necessary to increase the number of sessions.

After the procedure, it should be protected from the sun.

Fractional CO2 laser application is mostly applied in winter. Because if the redness and peeling that occur on the face after the process comes into contact with the sun, there is a risk of pigment, that is, the stain formation on the face. While dark-skinned people are more affected by regional pigmentation or loss of pigment, light-skinned people make up the luckier group in this treatment. It is not enough to use sunscreen in the days after the procedure, so patients should not go out for 3-5 days after the procedure.

Not used in patients with excessive wound healing

This treatment method, which has no age limit and can be applied to everyone, can also be made by those with chronic diseases. It should not be applied only to those who have hypertrophic scar and keloid risk with excessive wound healing. In people with this type of excessive tissue healing, the damage to the skin heals abnormally with a thick finger. However, those who use drugs that prevent blood coagulation and cause sensitivity to light and those who enter the solarium are among the people who will not be treated.

The most effective procedure for skin rejuvenation with laser

After Fractional CO2 Laser, which is the most effective of lasers applied as skin rejuvenation, formation and structuring of collagen fibers continue for a year. Especially in deep procedures, there is a chance to make the process more superficial or deeper, depending on the person's complaint and skin requirement. This decision is made by the doctor.

Regular application is essential for renewed skin

In this treatment, with the continuation of aging, there is a return again. However, having these applications done regularly provides a renewed skin in the long term. The person's condition varies according to the aging rate, lifestyle, sleep patterns and genetics.

The best time for treatment

Cosmetic dermatology procedures are usually delayed due to coronavirus. However, it can be said that such applications are the right time to enter the summer with a healthy skin. Cosmetic dermatology applications are carried out in our hospitals under completely hygienic conditions by taking all necessary precautions regarding Covid -19.

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