Construction of Süleymanpaşa Bus Terminal Approaches to End

Suleymanpasa bus terminal construction work is coming to an end
Suleymanpasa bus terminal construction work is coming to an end

Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, which meticulously continues its services, investments and activities throughout Tekirdağ, is preparing to put the Süleymanpaşa Bus Terminal into service in the coming months.

Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Albayrak, who made examinations at the Süleymanpaşa Bus Terminal, where the construction works were carried out uninterruptedly, received information from the technical personnel on duty at the construction site.

Stating that they continue to work day and night on the way to Tekirdağ, Mayor Kadir Albayrak said, “We continue our services, projects and investments in order to provide quality service to the people of Tekirdağ throughout the province. While fulfilling the requirements of social municipality on the one hand, we also strive to complete our ongoing investments. Süleymanpaşa Bus Terminal is an important project that has been needed for many years. Our construction work here is 75 percent completed. We are planning to complete the work in this facility in June and put our terminal into service for our citizens. I wish our terminal to be beneficial to our people and our workers operating in the transportation sector ”.

Süleymanpaşa Bus Terminal

Süleymanpaşa Intercity Bus Terminal, which is built on a land of approximately 35 thousand square meters, has a closed area of ​​6 thousand 440 square meters, consists of 1 buildings, 1 main building and 2 parking lot. When the construction works at the Süleymanpaşa Intercity Bus Terminal are completed, ticket sales offices, company rooms, restaurant, cafeteria, 150-person conference hall, shelter, technical units, 290-vehicle parking garage, vehicle maintenance center, stop places for buses serving in public transportation. There will be intercity passenger bus platforms, bus and minibus parking areas.

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