Highway Crossing Bridge is Constructed on the Way That Will Make Transportation Easier to İlimtepe

Highway crossing bridge is being built on the way that will ease access to ilimtepe
Highway crossing bridge is being built on the way that will ease access to ilimtepe

The construction of the first phase of the 5,2-kilometer road, starting from Körfez district Yeni Yalı Mahallesi, which was started by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, and going to İlimtepe District, continues. While the foundation iron assembly of the legs of the highway crossing bridge was started, the raft foundation of one leg was poured. Within the scope of the 1st stage works of the İlimtepe road where the stream improvement works are carried out, electricity displacement works are carried out and the electricity lines are taken underground.


The Metropolitan Municipality is implementing giant projects one by one in order to provide citizens with a more modern, comfortable and safe transportation. In this context, the works that will greatly ease the transportation in the Körfez district İlimtepe Mahallesi are continuing at full speed. Within the scope of the project where the foundation piles of the highway crossing bridge are driven, 1.120 meters of double road, drinking water, waste water and rainwater lines, stream improvement works, pavement and parquet construction works will be carried out. Within the scope of the first stage works of the viaduct, where 90 piles were driven, a passage bridge with a span of 128,7 meters will be built in order to pass the road from south to north.


Within the scope of İlimtepe connection road 1st stage works, a highway crossing bridge with a span of 128,7 meters will be built for the connection to Çamlıtepe District. The road starting from Anadolu Döküm Junction will be crossed by a highway crossing bridge over TEM and will be connected to Yunus Emre Street. Street and intersection arrangements will also be made within the scope of the works. Highway crossing bridge foundation piles installation and stream section construction work continues. Within the scope of the 120st Stage, which has a length of 1 meters, 800 meters of stream improvement and passage vents will also be made.


The road starting from D-100 Yeni Yalı Mahallesi will pass through Çamlıtepe and Yavuz Sultan Selim Neighborhoods. With the completion of the next stages of the four-lane road that will provide a north-south connection between the D-100 Highway and İlimtepe Houses, it is aimed to ensure the connection of the Sevindikli exit of the Northern Marmara Motorway with the D-100 Highway.

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