Fırat University Will Recruit 112 Health Personnel

firat university
firat university

With the advertisement published by Fırat University Rectorate, it was announced that 112 contracted health personnel will be recruited. In accordance with Article 657 / B of Law No. 4, Contracted Health Personnel will be recruited based on the KPSS (B) group score order to be assigned to our University Hospital, Faculty of Dentistry, Animal Hospital of the Veterinary Faculty and Experimental Research Center, and the fees of those concerned will be covered by the special budget.

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1- The special conditions stated above and the following general conditions stated in the 657th article of the law numbered 48 are sought for the candidates.

General Terms and Conditions

  • a) Being a Turkish Citizen,
  • b) Not to be deprived of public rights,
  • c) Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; crimes against the security of the state, crimes against the constitutional order and its functioning, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, fraud, abuse of trust, fraudulent not to be convicted of the crimes of bankruptcy, rigging the tender, rigging the performance of the act, laundering of the assets arising from the crime or smuggling,
  • d) For male candidates, to have completed active duty or exempted or postponed military service if they have not reached active military service age or have reached military service age,
  • e) Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 657 of Law No. 53, not having a physical or mental illness that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously,

2- Of those who are employed in any institution on a 4 / B contract; At least one year has passed from the date of termination, in the event that the contracts are terminated by the institutions due to acting against the principles of the service contract or the contract is terminated unilaterally within the contract period, except for the exceptions specified in the legislation,

3- Having taken the 2020 KPSS (group B) exam, excluding the title of pharmacist,

4- Not having a retirement or old age pension from any social security institution.

Application Method, Place and Time

1- Applications will be made through the online application system. Candidates By logging in at the address, they must completely upload the necessary documents for the position they will choose to the system and complete the application process. Applications whose application process is not completed in the system will be deemed invalid.

2- Applications will not be made in person or by mail, in case there is a candidate applying in this way, their application will be considered invalid.

3- Candidates can apply for only one of the announced positions, but cannot apply for more than one position.

4- The education status of the candidates will be taken through the web services of the Higher Education Information System, and if they are not suitable with the education programs in the preferred position, the application process will not be made.

5- The KPSS score type, year and score of the candidates will be obtained through OSYM web services, and if the KPSS score type and year are not suitable for the preferred position, the application will not be processed.

6- Duty / Service certificate is only required from candidates who apply for positions that require professional experience. Candidates who apply for these positions will scan and upload the official document signed by the Chief Physician, Deputy Chief Physician or Hospital Manager, which they will receive from the Chief Physician of the 3rd stage Public Hospitals where they worked.

7- Application procedures can be made within 15 days from the day the announcement is published in the official gazette.

8- The applications of those who are found to have given false documents during the application process or who have made a declaration or submitted incomplete documents and those who do not submit the requested documents will be deemed invalid and their contracts will be canceled even if they are made.

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