Gebze Halkalı 2 Million Passengers Used the Suburban Line in 212 Years

Million passengers a year used the gebze ring commuter line
Photo: TRT Haber

Gebze-Halkalı 2 years have passed since the commuter line was put into service again. The line, which allows Istanbul residents to save time and money, carried 212 million passengers during this period.

Gebze, which connects Asia and Europe continents with rails,Halkalı The Suburban Line carried 2 million passengers in the 212 years after its renewal.

The Marmaray line, which was put into service in 2013 and has only 5 stations, used 5 million passengers in 318 and a half years. Gebze-Halkalı With the commuter line coming into service in 2019, the number of stations of the Marmaray line increased to 43.

The number of passengers using the suburban line and the Marmaray line reached 530 million in total.

The long journeys are over

The line, which crosses Istanbul from one end to the other, was preferred by an average of 290 thousand people per day. Thanks to the line, long journeys made by changing a few vehicles came to an end.

7 stations on the suburban line were also integrated with the high-speed train.

The stations that host trains from Anatolia and Thrace became transfer centers.

Gebze-Halkalı The toll on the suburban line varies according to the distance. You can transfer to ferries, metro, tram, metrobus and bus along the line.

Source: TRT Haber

Günceleme: 16/03/2021 10:49

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