17 Prestige SX from TEMSA to Asist Turizm

prestige sx from temsa to assist tourism
prestige sx from temsa to assist tourism

Asist Turizm, which provides services in the field of VIP transfer and car rental in Bodrum, added 17 more 2021 model Prestij SX to its vehicle fleet consisting of TEMSA. The sales of the vehicles were carried out by TEMSA dealer Antalya Auto. With the new purchase of Asist Turizm, the number of TEMSA branded vehicles in its fleet reached 57. The company plans to purchase 2021 more Prestige SXs in 12.

TEMSA Transport Vehicles continues to expand its vehicle park domestically while attacking abroad with buses exported to Sweden and Belgium and finally to Prague. TEMSA, which is preferred by tourism companies to expand their fleets with new investments, signed a sales agreement with Bodrum-based Asist Turizm, which provides services in the field of VIP transfer, car rental and personnel transportation.

Under the agreement, Asist Turizm added 17 2021 model Prestij SX to its fleet. With this delivery, the total number of TEMSA branded vehicles of Asist Turizm reached 57.


The vehicles were delivered to Mehmet Fakkasoğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Assist Turizm, by TEMSA Regional Sales Manager İrfan Özsevim at a ceremony. Mehmet Fakkosoğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Asist Turizm, who also made a statement during the delivery, said, “I bought the first vehicle from TEMSA in 2011. Our cooperation process has been going on smoothly for 10 years. The number of Temsa brand vehicles in our fleet reached 57 with this purchase. Dialogue processes have played an important role in our preference for Temsa for 10 years. Otherwise, all vehicles provide the same service. One of them definitely has different features compared to the other. Some burn less, some have a stronger body. Some have more stamina. But in new investment processes, bilateral relations are more preferred on the bus side. İrfan Özsevim is coming to his place, creating solutions for us. We see these supports before and after the sale. While the vehicle purchases are being discussed and the offers are given, the projects are produced. This is really important. Buying a vehicle is a step anyone can do. But it is very important to buy a car correctly. The most distinctive feature of TEMSA Prestige vehicles is the fuel savings they provide. We can measure that there is a 10 percent difference compared to its equivalents. We have not had any problem with second hand in prestige vehicles. As soon as we decided to sell, we sold without any difficulty, until today. I would like to thank the TEMSA management for their interest and support during this cooperation process. We have 12 more Temsa Prestij SX purchasing plans, the investment process will not end with this. Despite the pandemic process, 2020 was not bad for transporters from Bodrum. We have hope that 2021 will go well, ”he said.


Mehmet Fakkasoğlu also expressed his satisfaction with Antalya Oto, which sells the vehicles: Although Antalya Auto is a new dealer, they followed the process very carefully and completed the process with zero errors. I congratulate them. "


TEMSE Domestic Sales Director Baybars Mountains, stating that they enter the process with a quick delivery in 2021: "In the preferred investment of the leading companies in Turkey Ranks TEMSE. Especially Prestij SX products have been among the most preferred products by the transporters in recent years, and they are also the leading vehicle of the midibus market for 27 people. The main factors that make TEMSA Prestij SX a leader by far are its low fuel consumption, powerful performance and driving comfort as well as its extensive service network. Asist Turizm is one of the leading companies in Bodrum. A company that we are always happy to cooperate with. It is very precious for us to be the only brand in the 57-vehicle midibus segment of the company that constantly grows its vehicle park. Finally, I wish the 17 TEMSA Prestige SX, which we delivered, to be beneficial to the company. We hope that we will overcome the pandemic process in 2021 and tourism, which is among the most important sector of our country, will regain the dynamism it misses ”.


TEMSA Domestic Sales Manager İrfan Özsevim said, “Assist Turizm is a company that makes a difference with its quality service. They literally offer VIP service. Of course, we are very pleased with the cooperation process that has been going on for 10 years. We take care to be with you in every process. When the investment decision is made, we strive to produce the right solutions. Our cooperation will not be limited to 17 units, but we will also deliver new vehicles. I wish the Prestij SX vehicles to be beneficial to Asist Turizm ”.

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