10 Suggestions for Mothers-to-be to Protect from Coronavirus

Suggestion for expectant mothers to be protected from coronavirus
Suggestion for expectant mothers to be protected from coronavirus

Expectant women are faced with many unknowns during the Covid-19 outbreak. Current data show that pregnant women with Covid-19 are more at risk of disease than their other peers. It is stated that the risk of death reported in pregnant women with coronavirus due to the need for hospitalization in the intensive care unit, mechanical ventilation and ventilation support is increased compared to non-pregnant women. Memorial Antalya Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Perinatology, Assoc. Dr. M. Eftal Avcı explained what expectant mothers should pay attention to in the coronavirus epidemic.

Increasing risk for pregnant women

The Covid-19 outbreak has led the pregnant woman to be considered potentially vulnerable to severe SARS-CoV-2 infection. Pregnant women with additional diseases such as obesity and diabetes may be at greater risk of serious disease than those with similar additional diseases. Given the research done, pregnancy is considered as a factor that leads to an increased risk for severe Covid-19 disease. Additionally, Covid-positive pregnant women are at higher risk for other adverse outcomes such as preterm delivery (delivering the baby earlier than 37 weeks) and miscarriage.

The main precautions pregnant women should pay attention to are;

  1. Talk to as few people as possible. Limit interaction with people who may have been exposed to Covid-19 or who may be infected as much as possible.
  2. Stay away from individuals who are not wearing masks and ask those around you to wear masks.
  3. Stay at least 2 meters away from anyone other than family members.
  4. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  5. If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  6. Avoid areas and activities where these measures can be difficult.
  7. Get recommended vaccinations. Having the recommended vaccinations during pregnancy can help protect you and your baby.
  8. Get a whooping cough (Tdap) vaccine during pregnancy to protect your baby against whooping cough, who may have symptoms similar to Covid-19.
  9. If you need care in emergency services, remember that measures are taken to protect you from the risk of Covid-19 and do not delay the need for emergency care.
  10. Do not interfere with your doctor's checks.

Newborns can also be encountered with Covid-19 positive

The incidence of Covid-19 is very low in babies born to mothers who caught coronavirus during pregnancy. Covid-19 was encountered in some newborns shortly after birth, but it is not known whether these babies contracted the virus before, during or after birth. It has been reported that most newborns who test positive for Covid have mild or no symptoms. However, several cases of newborns with severe coronavirus disease have also been identified.

Covid-19 vaccines during pregnancy are also one of the most frequently asked questions. Pregnant or breastfeeding women who meet the vaccination criteria according to the priority groups specified by the Ministry of Health are not in the group where the Covid-19 vaccine will be administered.

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