Can urinary incontinence be a symptom of diabetes?

urinary incontinence may be a sign of diabetes
urinary incontinence may be a sign of diabetes

📩 04/01/2023 08:45

Dr. Sultan Şalk, a doctor of Medicana Sivas hospital, said that urinary incontinence is not a normal condition and that it can be a precursor of many diseases, especially diabetes.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op.Dr. Sultan Şalk, saying that the problem of urinary incontinence usually hides from the relatives, spouses and children of the patients, “There may be people who have the same complaints around them, and they try to normalize it. However, in these cases, it should not be forgotten that urinary incontinence is not normal. This is a sign of illness. And it may appear as the leading complaint of other diseases. We can count neurological diseases, especially diabetes, urinary tract infection or problems with the kidneys. " said.

"May herald diabetes and neurological diseases"

Op.Dr.Şalk, stating that urinary incontinence may be a harbinger of diabetes and neurological diseases, said, “When we cannot do this after the first feeling of urgency, we are talking about urinary incontinence. Among the reasons, many births, difficult births, large babies, obesity, chronic lung diseases and asthma can be counted. However, it can also be a harbinger of other diseases such as diabetes and neurological diseases. It should be paid attention in this respect. It should not be seen as if urinary incontinence is a normal situation. In urinary incontinence, it is absolutely necessary to consult a physician. There are very simple diagnostic tests. We can make a diagnosis with simple tests such as a simple urinalysis, a gynecological examination and a voiding diary, as well as a pet diary. If there is urinary incontinence in the case of coughing and sneezing, and heavy activity, surgical treatment is in the foreground. But we can also treat cases of urinary incontinence with drug therapies when we cannot reach the toilet and when we are about to reach the toilet. " used the expressions.

"It negatively affects the social life of people"

Şalk, stating that urinary incontinence is a social or hygienic problem, affects the social life of the person negatively, “It limits people very much in their daily activities, for example when going out. He is constantly uneasy with the fear that it might happen to me at any moment. Therefore, we recommend that they receive treatment as soon as possible to eliminate this problem. It can also be used in a stepwise treatment. For example, the fluid intake of the patient can be controlled, and if he / she consumes too much beverages such as tea, cigarettes, alcohol and coffee, it is necessary to limit them. Again, we can give physical activities that we call slipper sole exercises. You can start with such simple procedures and then move on to more complex methods. " He spoke in the form.

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