Engineers Will Not Retire Project

engineers will not retire project
engineers will not retire project

Sharing information on digital transformation and productivity in industry, Kocaeli Chamber of Industry 23rd Professional Committee and Digital Transformation Commission Members Tunç Atıl and Mehmet Özdeşlik shared the details of the 'Engineers Will Not Retire' project on Industry Radio.


Tunç Atıl started his speech by evaluating digitalization and efficiency and emphasized that being efficient in the industry means doing higher value-added jobs, and emphasized that this is necessary for every company.

Stating that one needs to be creative and innovative in order to be different and productive, Atıl said, “We are now in the information age. We are experiencing such rapid technological developments and everything is changing so quickly that it is difficult for us to see ahead. However, as industrialists in Turkey, we are used to this because you cannot follow the plan due to the economic uncertainties in Turkey. In the middle of a year that we entered with great enthusiasm and started with great hopes, we may encounter completely different variables. However, this gives us flexibility. kazanyelling.” said.


Mehmet Özdeşlik, who made an assessment on the application of transformation and efficiency in the industry, emphasized that it is extremely important to know the use of technology and customer trends.

Identity, “When we look at it, we are in the era of innovation. There are many variables, some of them are driving and some of them are what we call disruptive innovation. The order we are accustomed to takes to a completely different level. Businesses have to adapt to this technology and transformation in some way. This has now become a must. To do this, strategy is required first. Apart from that, lean production is very important. In addition to these, it is necessary to be agile. It is important to bring the product to the market very quickly, to see customer demands beforehand, to act and to be efficient. The result of all this leads to digitalization. " said.


Sharing the details on the 'Engineers Will Not Retire' project, Tunç Atıl said, “We focused on how we contribute to the production of machinery and decided that we needed information. Because especially machine manufacturers produce different products for each sector. When you work with a person who is expert in the subject, your job becomes much easier when you complete the productions by considering sector-specific information. First of all, we made researches on how this issue is handled abroad, what activities the associations carry out. Then Mechanical Engineers to implement this business in Turkey, we started to work together with the Chamber. Today, we have two pools. We have 42 invaluable experts, and the other has 22 requesting businesses. We are also trying to establish this communication. " used the expression.

Mehmet Özdeşlik, on the other hand, stated that they made suggestions to professional associations and retired engineers around them with this project, and added that one-to-one interviews were made and the activity was started if the application was made through the websites.

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